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Hey guys, Management consulting has always been something that I've wanted to try out. I got a 6-week internship in a boutique consulting firm this summer. That means that June/July/August are free for me to do anything. What would you guys suggest that I do to beef myself up for full time recruiting? Learn a language? Make some cash? **I am heading into my senior yr in Sept
It gets bad with winter. I've tried many, many kinds of dandruff shampoos. Started rather predictably with Head and Shoulders, and had a stylist tell me that it ain't good because it's too harsh. Recommended me another shampoo...also with pyrithione zinc as the active ingredient. T-Gel, Selsun Blue, Herbal Essences Moisturizing ... Between those, only the first and last ones worked well for me, briefly. Now I put it to SF: any recommendations? Personal experiences?
Quote: Originally Posted by thenanyu That would be a shitty incentive. No one would ever resign in disgrace. LMFAO economics jokes, love it
Quote: Originally Posted by bringusingoodale They have painted themselves into a corner if their priority revolves around catering to the religious vote. They will be messing with their base. Trust me. You don't fuck with your base. The day that Republicans are OK with abortion is the day that the Democrats will win a massive, sweeping victory.
Hi there, world of SF... I know a good bunch of you are lawyers. I'm doing a cost/benefit analysis for my little brother. He wants to get into H/Y/P Law (shoot for the stars, right?). I'm new to the world of law schools and I'm curious as to how much of a disadvantage it is for him to get his undergrad at a top Canadian institution (McGill/Toronto) versus an upper-tier American school (think Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke). As you may well know, an int'l student pays...
Messenger Bag or some other Murse Function: gum/mints, water bottle, chapstick (accutane), snack, sunglasses, wallet, phone, earbuds, business cards, book, documents, student card, bus pass, PlayBook/iPad2 Colour: Black/brown/tan Price Range: $200-400
Quote: Originally Posted by gladhands The same group also targets teenage girls whose youtube videos they find annoying. For every good thing they do, there's another inexplicably mean-spirited act. Ah yes, Jessi Slaughter. It was ONE preteen girl whose YT video was VERY annoying. I'd like to see you watch through her 4 and a half minute video with no reaction (or an "awww that 11 year old girl is such a sweetheart") IMPORTANT NOTICE: No...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pantisocrat Dude. He's Jewish. So he's in every position to criticize his own group. The beauty of this meeting was that all he had to do was ask basic ass interview questions. He then shuts up and lets the interviewee proceed to bring criticism upon himself, so to speak.
Quote: Originally Posted by OldSchoolCharm Are any of those arabs named Token? The United states had a black senator during the 1960's (Edward Brooke). The USA had a black female in Congress in the 1960's (Shirley Chisholm). The USA has had black federal judges (William Henry Hastie 1946-). The United States has had black generals in the 1940's and onward (Benjamin O. Davis). The USA had black astronaut in the 1960's (Robert H. Lawrence, Jr.). The...
Watched this tonight. Loved it. With Canada & US backing Israel, it's very easy to forget that the greater international community has condemned a lot of what they've done and considers some of Israel a military occupation. Now you get to see it right where it happens. A real eye-opener. Great watch.
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