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Turns out the AE Woven Chili belts get quite close and because they are multi-tone I can deal with the slight difference in shade better. http://www.zappos.com/allen-edmonds-woven-inlay   Thanks though.
Bump - would be interested, I have long arms (14.5/34 in BB) and VV doesn't fit. Love BB but can never find that really thick cloth I like as most of their OCBD appear to be lightweight (at the least the ones sold as dress shirts and not in S/M/L/XL sizing). Looks like Peter Millar does S/M/L/XL sizing as well, although I've never tried it doubt the arms fit.   Honestly, I still wear a couple of oxford shirts I got from Ruehl five years ago. Actually stepped into an...
Anyone have a favorite BB SA in Boston? Recently wandered into the Newbury store during the corporate sale last week and was pretty much ignored. Have a few big ticket purchases coming up and want to start developing a relationship, as apparently without one the New England cold shoulder is what I can expect.
So I just picked up a pair of C&J Handgrade Barrington's in the Tan Antique. I'm anal about my belts matching my shoes, and my current tan belt is too light. C&J's tan belt is also on the lighter side (sales rep said this is because the hand grades are a bit darker), it doesn't very match well now and will only get worse as the shoes are "antiqued" and will darken over time even with neutral...
Any final recommendations on shirts from somewhat who has had many altered?
 Would be interested as well. I like patterns and am obsessive about lining up patterns at seams (which is why I love H&K, but their slim fit still billows at my waist).
I would be interested in this answer. Just bought a wallet from Allen Edmonds (http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SFBCWBRN_1_40000000001_-1) and it is also Vachetta (with the slight pebbling of the finish). Anybody aware of special care instructions (women seem to be treating Vachetta purses before use)? The salesman at the store, who has been a bit overbearing on care instructions in the past (cordovan polish! not regular!) didn't say anything about it, but...
What's expensive enough to justify Hallak? Anything short of British/Italian/Spanish bespoke? My most expensive jacket is for a tuxedo, business suits get worn every day and stuff happens, and even at one dry clean every 6 months that's still close to $1000 a year for a 10 suit rotation, enough to buy or have a quality suit made.
Yeah. The fit is what made me pull the trigger. No alterations on either the jacket or the pants is a first for me. I saw some of the wide/low lapels and no vent ones and steered clear, this was a more classic suit.
So I bought a great wallet I really like in Sydney about a year back. Grey kangaroo, bi-fold with ID on left and 3 card pockets on right. There was brass/gold plated "corners" to protect the outside edges and a similarly colored "hinge" in the middle, to which was attached a bent piece of metal "clip" for money. When opened, the right side (for the cards) had a kangaroo logo and made in Australia in gold leaf/foil. The front had a "pressed" maker mark, which was a...
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