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Great combinations...compliments.
Great shoes...compliments.
Always elegant. I would pair it with a pretty dress, two-button double-breasted waistcoat. And in concluedere beauty of good shall see a nice pair of shoes in brown crocodile.
I prefer the Hublot ... I like the most. I have this model of Rolex, but the other I find it really special. Compliments. Hublot has always fascinated me. I also saw one of their sports model made ​​with Ferrari, and was very sporty. I liked it. Congratulations to both clocks.
  And here is my second test of my bird Bestetti. Within 10 days you will see the finished shoe. Bestetti must change a few small discomfort but the shoe is perfect. And comfort is really impressive. I can't wait now show you the finished shoes.   And as soon as I have a moment of time there also showed other pictures of the tests and shoes finished beautiful.   And the color of my Gladietor has changed yet. I can't wait to show you when it is finished.
Thank you for your kind comment. I am happy to know that you think that of me. I'm the most peaceful in the world. When I go to bed I can tell, it's good I did not cheated anyone. To me this is enough. Everything else is fine and there may be. It means you are on the right track.
Thanks for your comment. But see a printer next to a vintage fabric hand-printed many years ago for me is tacky. Also because it has nothing to do. That's it. Also because these false controversy makes me sad because I see that it lacks the serious preparation for a true critique. And it is all done for economic reasons.And when the criticism is driven by money, the first casualty is truth. But then again, I am calm and happy. The truth always comes to the surface.Thanks...
Beautiful result. They look like new. Compliments. I piacebbe be as good as you in polishing shoes.
When you have no preparation and culture in the context of vintage silks is better to keep quiet. Otherwise you make serious mistakes. Silence is golden sometimes. When you come to Italy, come and touch this vintage fabric hand-printed. And once you realize that what you wrote is wrong. I want you to really understand the differences. And even if you do not buy my own bespoke vintage ties, there are no problems. I'll gladly do the same for having explained something...
I really like those shades.
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