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Beautiful. You can see more pictures?
Great combinations...I really like the shoes.
Beautiful. I really like the aggressiveness of the boot ... congratulations
Sir, compliments for its elegance. Everything is in its place.
Great combinations...compliments.
Great shoes...compliments.
Always elegant. I would pair it with a pretty dress, two-button double-breasted waistcoat. And in concluedere beauty of good shall see a nice pair of shoes in brown crocodile.
I prefer the Hublot ... I like the most. I have this model of Rolex, but the other I find it really special. Compliments. Hublot has always fascinated me. I also saw one of their sports model made ​​with Ferrari, and was very sporty. I liked it. Congratulations to both clocks.
  And here is my second test of my bird Bestetti. Within 10 days you will see the finished shoe. Bestetti must change a few small discomfort but the shoe is perfect. And comfort is really impressive. I can't wait now show you the finished shoes.   And as soon as I have a moment of time there also showed other pictures of the tests and shoes finished beautiful.   And the color of my Gladietor has changed yet. I can't wait to show you when it is finished.
Thank you for your kind comment. I am happy to know that you think that of me. I'm the most peaceful in the world. When I go to bed I can tell, it's good I did not cheated anyone. To me this is enough. Everything else is fine and there may be. It means you are on the right track.
New Posts  All Forums: