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The line of this cast I love it. Does anyone know if any company produces similar?
Beautiful color...great combination
  And look at while I was testing my Gladietor what I photographed. I would like to do this too. But first I need to enjoy my first bespoke.
  And here's the latest phases of my jacket vintage bespoke Pirozzi. He's doing his shoulders sagged in his shirt. And while he was withdrawing his jacket I also photographed this double-breasted 4x1 Irish linen.  
I love this color...beautiful boots
Beautiful ... congratulations. For the winter I bought a similar fabric. 'll Show you when it is finished.
Simply perfect and elegant. Compliments.
The Mont Blanc are my favorites. I have many. I have the limited editions and classic. Beautiful.
Very nice colors..compliments.
Beautiful ... one is more beautiful than the other. But if I have to be honest I prefer this ... congratulations.
New Posts  All Forums: