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  Here's another jacket bespoke Pirozzi.
  Bespoke vintage overcoat by Mimmo Pirozzi via Chiaia 197 Naples, bespoke shirt D'Avino Naples.
  Hey guys ... this is my second round of my bespoke vintage overcoat.       I really like this line of rever
Perfect look...compliments
My bespoke look by Mimmo Pirozzi Naples via Chiaia 197, shirt bespoke D'Avino.
  My bespoke suit by Mimmo Pirozzi Naples, via chiaia 197
  My new bespoke vintage overcoat by Mimmo Pirozzi Naples.
Thank you for your kind comment. I am happy to know that you like my jacket. It is a fabric made ​​of 100% raw silk. He has more than 40 years of life that cloth. And it was the last piece that I found from Vecchio Drappiere of Milan.
Thank you for your kind comment. It is this jacket is very nice indeed. It is a vintage Italian silk many years ago.
  And here is my jacket in vintage silk bespoke by Pirozzi finished.
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