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  And here's a close up of vintage silk of the post before. Look at the unusual design.
  And here's another vintage silk with more than 50 years of his life on his shoulders. And of course it was hand-printed many years ago.
Sure ... it would be really great for everything ... even for a tie!
  And look at the beauty of this print by hand many years ago on silk satin. As you can see everything is edged with only the use of hands, needle and thread.
  And HAPPY EASTER HAPPY HOLIDAYS STYLEFORUM! And here's my hope that with this I want to present our last bespoke vintage ties. It is a vintage silk printed many years ago still by hand on silk satin. Unique. We have always done all unlined and all hemmed by hand.
Wow ... that elegance ... everything is perfect and in its place ...Voxsart has perfect elegance!
Very elegant model
Very elegant model
Very nice model
Very nice boots...Great colors
New Posts  All Forums: