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your comment very fair. the best solution for me is to see the images of artifacts. Also why the images can't lie that much. I try to write and show a part of the best of Italy I am wearing. then everyone is free to comment as you wish. Of course how could I tell artisans not good? If I don the worse I'd be lying to myself. This is because I would wear artifacts not done well. but these are just my opinions. Because I love to wear only the best and doing high quality...
  And here's another one of our bespoke vintage ancient 7 Foulds really vintage and hand-printed many years ago. We made it all unlined and all hemmed by hand like 100 years ago.
  And here comes another one of our bespoke vintage silk. It is a hand-printed silk many years ago still by hand. I really like the combination of colors.
  New vintage bespoke regimental...I love this color for the blazer
  And here's another one of our bespoke vintage ties. It is a 7 folds ancient unlined and throughout the entire hemmed hand as 100 years ago. The cloth is very much vintage. It has a very unique plot and has been hand-printed many years ago.
  And here's another vintage grenadine still printed by hand many years ago. Look at the beauty of this transparency.
      And here's my foot inside the shoe test Bestetti ... as you can see only small changes and the form will be perfect for my feet. Now I can not wait to do the second test to achieve maximum aesthetic perfection and maximum comfort.
  And here's another one of our bespoke vintage fabrics. It is a vintage silk printed still hand many years ago. Obviously I made ​​with the edge and pleats all handmade.
Thanks for your comment. Maresca also ask you to show in the clothes of Pirozzi. And if you do not you just go find Pirozzi in his tailoring. Together, they take a good cup of coffee and he'll explain all the differences.
Great ties...compliments
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