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Yes, another topic in the dealings of patches. To go in your direction, for me, elbow patches are a given in the dealings with tweed. My tweed jacket with its brown elbow patches just looks too good together.I cannot say that I own a tweed jacket that is absent of them.
  For me, that is a given; my tweed jacket with its brown elbow patches just looks too good together. I cannot wear a tweed jacket without them.   
Excuse me, I meant to use the word flair.   The use of the word refers to the use of buttons, patches, or other various accessories on or attached to your clothing.   Such as this...    
I see that at least two are Timex. But what brand are the other two? Thanks.  
I also like Uniqlo. But I have notice something that is...problematic. Despite wanting to purchase their clothes, I don't think there is the option - as of yet. I know they are starting to expand, but, I believe, they do not ship to the US. This is true, correct?  
I am, of course, not referring to a potentially name for a hypothetical dog, but rather posing the question of adding flare to your outerwear. I am not speaking of anything outlandish or ridiculous, just something subtle to make you stand out from the crowd. I've found some cool vintage patches lying around and have seen some on the 'interwebs.' I think that if the right patch were to be found it could really make a B.A. military coat, or something of the like,...
I wish that they would start providing the ability for people like myself, people in the US, to purchase their clothing. I know they are expanding and my hopes should soon be answered, but, hopefully, they do it soon. Maybe they already have and I am just unaware...but at least when I have tried I have not been granted the option of 'purchase.'
Hey all, I was curious as to where you guys go to purchase v-necks tees. That is, if you wear them. If not, where do you go to purchase your crewneck tees? If you don't wear those either then...I don't know. Sadly, I am in college. That means that I try and get the best quality for the lowest price. Some of my favorite places to go are Banana Republic, J. Crew, or Land's End Canvas. If you don't like these stores, or are able to afford to shop at "better" places,...
A valid point to consider.  I mean, Steve Mcqueen wore Persol so eventually I should own a pair too.
  I really dig the Super Havana Basic Wayfarer or a pair of Shwood Canby east indian rosewood grey.   
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