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Wow, those are beautiful! They've developed a wonderful patina.   I'm still enjoying mine. In fact, I like them so much I went back recently and got the black ones too. I will try to post some photos before long. I think these MOTOR engineer boots are really great: comfortable and tough, and fairly sleek styling for this type of boot.
Just checking in to report that I walked 10K today in my new MOTOR natural chromexcel engineer boots. I'm breaking them in, and I found that although my feet felt it a bit when I got home, I have no blisters or other marks, and the boots performed very well. I'm really pleased with them. I'll try to get some in-the-wild photos soon. I've had my eye on these for a while, and I'm really stoked to be stomping around in them now.   For those interested in sizing...
^ Where did you get those? That's pretty close to what I've been looking for. Nice catch!
^ I've used Obenauf's Heavy Duty Leather Preservative with good results. Venetian Shoe Cream (neutral) too. Apply lightly to clean boots, wipe off any excess, when dry buff with a horsehair brush and finally a soft cloth. In case of the Obenauf's, I apply by hand and rub it into all the seams, stitching, and welt. The beeswax smell is nice too.
Also, I believe MOTO is not making the camel items any longer. Good find!
I have used either Obenauf's LP or Venetian Shoe Cream (Neutral), and they've been fine. Then lots of horsehair brush and buffing with a soft cloth.
Ha! A guy on one of the fountain pen forums related how his wife pulled a similar trick on him. She texted him at work to say that some limited edition pen he'd been waiting for had arrived, and that she'd opened it and inked the pen to see how it was. She said the nib seemed kind of scratchy, but she wasn't sure if she was holding it right or not. The guy practically blew a gasket! LOL.
By the way, I've only treated these with a bit of Venetian Shoe Cream, a horsehair brush, and a soft cloth.
By the way, here's a quick shot of my MOTO long chukkas in natural chromexcel after a few months of wear. I'm really enjoying them! I have these in both black and natural, and I think they (both) are my favorite MOTO's so far. So comfortable, versatile, and pleasant on the eyes. Well done, MOTO!      
Thanks for the info. I just found your thread about these jackets over at the Fedora Lounge -- very interesting! Do you know a place to go in the Tokyo area to see these and try them on? I'd love to take a look.
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