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Had to share this. A new pair of 986s and a customer's 30+ year old pair.
Ha! Maybe soon actually...
Hence our periodic "Large Size Sale." What's up with that?
I verified it a couple times and it was a 986! http://instagram.com/p/jFluFGMI4d/
Happy New Year everyone. Although I don't post much these days, I still appreciate your love and passion for Alden!
First "nice" shoe: Alden 7117S, Leydon lasted Mocc Toe Blucher in black calf First Alden: see above First Shell: Alden 2450, Barrie lasted NST in color #8 Great memories!
Damn, and I just told my staff to reply to you ASAP.
We hear it all...can I get a discount on two pairs...can I get free shipping...can you throw in shoe trees...can you go down to 175...
Whoops, miscalculated. My cost sold at $195 would be about $290 so I am only losing about $95 at that price.
New Posts  All Forums: