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amazing suit
beautiful suit- bump
Standard issue Gucci Horsebits.  Rubber soles. Always been shoe treed, worn only in work environment. Really no signs of wear in the leather (no fraying, fading, scuffs etc.) Fit like 9 US. Thanks for looking!
I'm interested to hear some responses, I've been wondering the same
Can you add a picture of the suit jacket from the back?  What's the reasoning with no vent? And, are the pants pleated? Thanks!
I'm heading to Paris the end of June/early July for work/shopping, which is during Men's fashion week.  I realize the shows for most (or all) houses are invitation only, plus press.  Can anyone shed light on how it works if you've been to Paris Fashion Week, or could somehow help me get in.  It'd be an amazing experience.
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