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Yes.  He sent me an e-mail saying he received them and would exchange them, but I never received the pants.  I've repeatedly tried to e-mail him and ask for the pants or my money, but I've received no response.  I'm not sure what to do at this point. 
Has anyone had any recent luck exchanging pants?  I'm now going on four months since Jamison sent an e-mail saying he received my exchange.
I'm just not really sure what I can do at this point to either get my money back or get him to send the exchanged pants.  He at least claimed the package, but now there is radio silence on his end.  Any ideas?
And just to be fair to Jamison, he did agree to accept my exchange even though I was a few weeks beyond the 30-day return period.  So I suppose that is a plus so long as I eventually receive the exchange.
Same issue with communication here.  I returned a pair of pants two months ago.  Within a few days, he e-mailed and said he would exchange the pants when the restock arrived the next week.  The restock clearly arrived as the sizes on the website were updated.  However, he no longer responds to my e-mails.  At this point, I'm just assuming that I will likely not receive a response, and I am just hoping for the best that I haven't lost my money.
  Socks: Dapper Classics OTC Shoes: Testoni Pants: BB
  Socks: Dapper Classics (that's a navy pindot, but the picture looks black) Shoes: RL Navy J.crew suit Tie was navy with red stripes
  Socks: Dapper Classics Shoes: Allen Edmonds - I've had these for years and they are holding up nicely, especially for the $100 I spent on them. Pants: Navy...can't remember the brand.  
A little slippage, but not too bad!     Edit: This was in reply to Hampton.  I'm still trying to learn how to use the forum, and just realized you can quote in a reply..
Hi, My posts do not appear when I hit the reply button on a thread. However, my post count increases. Yet, I still cannot see my reply. Any help would be appreciated.
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