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  Socks: Dapper Classics OTC Shoes: Testoni Pants: BB
  Socks: Dapper Classics (that's a navy pindot, but the picture looks black) Shoes: RL Navy J.crew suit Tie was navy with red stripes
  Socks: Dapper Classics Shoes: Allen Edmonds - I've had these for years and they are holding up nicely, especially for the $100 I spent on them. Pants: Navy...can't remember the brand.  
A little slippage, but not too bad!     Edit: This was in reply to Hampton.  I'm still trying to learn how to use the forum, and just realized you can quote in a reply..
Hi, My posts do not appear when I hit the reply button on a thread. However, my post count increases. Yet, I still cannot see my reply. Any help would be appreciated.
    Socks: Dapper Classics Shoes: Peal and Co.  
Wore these to class:  
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