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This is a belated post on two ties that I had ordered from Vanda approximately 2 months ago.   First I would like to point out that the customer service was superb.  I have a hard time getting ties that fit properly given my height and high waist.     On graph paper I traced out a copy of my best fitting tie, scanned the tracings, converted it to PDF and emailed if off to Diana and Gerald.   They cut a tie to my exact specifications that fits brilliantly.    The...
@rbj1 Hey--Totally understand. The person you spoke to was correct, we do not have the ability to do extra cuffs and/or collars with our shirts. Long story short, it's just not something our factory is set up to do. Sorry to disappoint.     Thanks @ccallis,   You of course know the next question...   Can I pay Proper Cloth extra to make the shirt longer than normal?   Thanks again,   rbj1
@ccallis,   Just a quick question regarding extra collars and cuffs from Proper Cloth.    I'm looking to purchase about six to ten MTM shirts.   One of my criteria I am looking at is the ability to order and extra set of collars and cuffs from the original material and what it would cost me to purchase them.   Since the collars and cuffs are the first part of the shirt to fray, swapping out a frayed collar and cuffs for the previously purchased unfrayed collar and...
For those of you that may have been looking.  I don't know how long this will stay up.  I would down load the thread to my hard drive as fast as possible.  Let's hear it for Vox!   http://web.archive.org/web/20120711003637/http://www.styleforum.net/t/287922/practical-thoughts-on-coherent-combinations-for-beginners
Having lurked on this thread for about two years, I have learned much.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to my education.  What I find touching about this thread is the general sense of comradery, even within the context of generally good natured ribbing.  I grew up in an culture in which one could frequently refer to someone's ethnicity or sexual preference without offense. This could be done because there was actually very little racism or homophobia.  Having...
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