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Gents, its been a while since I have graced these pages. I will be in Melbourne this weekend for the Newmarket and need to pick up a tie, what stores should I be visiting?
Iam intending to down a similar path' except blue and white stripes. However im doing it as a mini homage to gordan gecko.
I'd stick with Charles when it comes to the shirts. From what I have seen charles has a lot more fabrics to choose from, plus i'd rather use a specialist shirt maker. 
Afternoon gents,  looking for a place in Sydney to buy a black satin bow tie and I dont want my pants pulled down for the price. Any suggestions?
Is there any chance could make a pair in purple?
Oli, it comes down to your time and budget for shopping in Sydney. I go to see a chap by the name of Charles Nakhle for my shirts in Paramatta, it usually takes a couple of weeks to knock one up. They are excellent quality and beautful light fabrics, but be prepared to pay upwards of 200 a piece. I have had P.Johnson tailors in paddington make me 2 suits so far and they have both been excellent, they  make a realy good slim  fitting suit.They can more then accomodate the...
Thats right brownman, its up to the UCI whom I believe have publicly backed Lance??? Although I think it will end up in some type of sports court in Switzerland. Even if the take they title off him on paper he still rode into Paris 7 times as the champion and took all the glory. I'd take the word of the Enron board before I believed what ever shit landis dribbles.
I've noticed that the are a few fellow novacastrians popping up in this thread as of late. In my opinion Newcastle has very little to offer in satorial department. Your best to just to bite the bullet and take a quick drive down the F3 if your not comfortable with buying online. For the record I'm yet to receive any hate for my pink shirt, plenty of compliments though.
Take nothing away from the guy, he achieved a lot and his committment was second to none. Was it worth he died from a heart attack in a sauna? Hardly worth it if you ask me. The persona I seen on youtube was just a juiced up clown,and he has inspiried a generation of idiot kids on roids in gyms throughtout.
To me Zyzz represented everything I hate about roioded up boys. All show no go.
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