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Quote: Originally Posted by DocHunter What style levis are these? I think they look great. thanks...those are just regular old 501 stf's...the way they turned out will make me think long and hard the next time i am considering to spend more than $30 for a pair of jeans technique: bought true-to-size...don't believe the sizing up hype cold-soaked liberally at the beginning never machine-dried worn for probably a year before first cold-wash...
kitteh sez: don't even *let* me find out you're taking pics of your motherfuckin' jeans to send out to creeps on the internet! i say: well...i'm not really gonna send them out to people personally...i'm just gonna post them on a "style forum" kitteh sez: fucking faggot, yo
it's tempting to join the atheist crowd...gain some intellectual points...but, i can't... because, when things quiet down and fall away...i can see the world like a child...and, there it is... greater than observation...more complete than perception...more satisfying than knowledge... i just can't deny
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart yea talk about coming to the party late....making fun of Julio-dini was pages ago. yeah, i know...but, i couldn't resist... in any case, my penetrating jabs are a moot point no matter how timely, as the great one has me on his ignore list Quote: Originally Posted by dls6128 I read this and thought "mother of pearl" before correcting myself. :< a definite sign you've...
late random thought: the brown people in whodini's "family" generally come equipped with leaf blowers and/or mop buckets
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie if it is any consolation you aren't on my ignore list. aww...see?...that's actually very fine consolation indeed...and i'm certain that you, robbie, shall never find a place on my douchebag list
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Money if it means anything, i like tagutcow more than alot of foolios on this board. damn...so, this place is still douchebag central? Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Thank you. Please feel free to join the Official Tagutcow Fanclub, where you can discuss the finer points of Tagutcow's ouevre with such Styleforum luminaries as Neo_Version_7, NYC Gaucho, and...
surplus yoko d tee ck belt lee 101z "dubbed" ww2 repro rough-outs
surplus yoko d tee ck belt lee 101z "dubbed" ww2 repro rough-outs
i think emptym's posts are the greatest charity this forum has ever received to throw in my two cents after emptym's $1000 bill, i believe happiness is the bloom on the rose of love...going directly after happiness is akin to a dog chasing it's own tail...learning to love better should be the goal... and suffering?...well...i prefer to look at it as "growing pains"
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