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Hey Guys! I first saw the Eagle River boots at the Allen Edmonds sale going on right now. I love the boots and wanted a pair, but wasn't crazy about the big black sole with huge tread. Looking around for MTO options led me to this thread. It looks like you recently did an order, so I was wondering, how does this process usually go? It looks like you guys recently did an order so will it be a while before another one starts up? I'd be interested in an Eagle River boot,...
So what's the best look for me here?
Quote on Brown Mora 9.5D please! 
Here for sale are some beautiful brown suede driving moccasins. The nap is fairly fine but still quite rich and they are very comfortable. I bought these a while ago but I have decided that I need to start downsizing my shoe collection and these just missed the cut.    As you can tell from the photos these have been barely worn. I can only remember wearing them twice for short walks. They are very close to new. Shipping CONUS - $10   Thanks!
It's a Brooks Brothers from last year, I don't see it listed anymore sadly. Might try searching for BB driving jacket.
Thanks! I also prefer a wider leg but it's a slippery slope for me. Since I actually do have insect legs, the wider I try, the more they look like I'm swimming in them. Hopefully I can find something just a bit more full on my next pair. 
Cooled down enough to wear a sweater today and casual Friday so I get to wear my favorite pair of shoes. Also, you may notice my wardrobe is pretty small so I apologize for a lot of the same pieces. I do my best to mix them up. I'd also like to mention that I've been following this thread for years and I'd like to say to NOBD, Rob, Crat, Stitchy, Rambo and many others, you've been inspiring and fun to watch. Three years ago these pictures would have shown me in cargo...
I think the jeans are good too.
  I think the jeans should fit more like jeans.
Thanks! It's a Brooks Brothers from last year I believe. Don't know if they are still selling it.   Thanks!   
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