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That's what I was thinking too just made me wonder since it says US size. Only one size left in a boot I want and if it's a Viberg size then it's too big.
I am sure someone has asked this before but is mr porter viberg size or US? It says US but then it says to go down a full size. Thanks!
Do you still have these?
Viberg size 10 1950 service boots in copper rough out. They are new with box.
Looking for lvc raw 1944 and 1947 in size 34 or 36 and length 32 or 34.
No worries I thought maybe you couldn't see the link or something... What viberg boots you thinking about getting? The service boots look amazing and are really comfortable.
Click on the link in his post
Nice boots.
Well only redwing I have had was a beckman and sizing is similar to those little wider in the toe box.
New with box Viberg new order scout boot size 10uk 11us. I would consider trades in viberg same size 10 uk and maybe 9.5. Now $500 shipped in the U.S.!!
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