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Anyone have input on how the Lazio fits? I'm 6'4" 175, and depending on the cut of the suit wear a 38L or a 40L. I'm guessing the 38L will work pretty well, but it's sort of hard to tell from people's posts. 
Has anyone used Obenauf's Heavy Duty? Any idea how it compares to Venetian Shoe Cream?   It's appealing to me to put on my Bayfields because I actually use them like boots--I ride my bike in them, get caught out in the rain, etc.    Guess I could just order 32oz of...
Allen Edmonds Bayfields. Can still buy them on Land's End. 
They're gorgeous!  Totally serious question--would you guys ride your bike wearing boots like that? I ask because I avoid my car whenever humanly possible. 
That stuff better have pixy dust in it for that price
What leather conditioner do you guys use on your AEs?
If anyone happened to get an extra pair of 11D Daltons during the factory sale, I'd gladly take them off your hands. 
Does anyone know the shoulder seam to sleeve-end length of the medium or large Canvas jacket? I'm stuck between a medium and a large and I'm trying to figure out which to go with.      Edit: and an in-person photo of the soapstone? It's an odd color, but I'm interested. 
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