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CT is the way to go. Can't beat the price point for the quality you'll get.
let that collar be free with jeans.
Yes, they are I alreay looked at them and know exactly which ones are next.  
C&J it is. Carmina I can't say I've never heard of them but now that I do. I will consider them.
I was looking at C&J Cliffords in Barney's the other day as well. I thought the construction of the Church's was pretty good as well. But I know C&J from previous experience is a shoe for a lifetime. Which other options do you recommend under $800.00
I am in the hunt for some real nice wing tips. What do you guys think about Church's Shoes?
Very nice. I really like the details on the shoe.
Wow, Just Wow. Enjoy them.
Wow, Just Wow. Enjoy them.
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