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It seems to me that amazon is getting rid of their remaining Allen Edmonds inventory because a lot of the shoes are discounted depending on the size you select.
Join the mailing list for shoes and they send you offers like the one I got.
FYI   I received a 30% off code for amazon today, I am not sure if you have to be a prime member, but it knocked off 70 dollars off of some brown McTavish's I have been wanting to order.  I used some credit card points along with the discount and scored the shoes for 131 dollars!!   I feel good, now my wife can't complain that I spent 250 dollars on shoes.
    I am about to get married and I am not going to win that battle.  My fiancee wants me in a champagne tie and the groomsmen in a mute pink tie.  We are all wearing navy suits.  I tried to add some color to my suit but she doesn't want me competing with her dress!  Lol  
          Some more pictures of the jacket, please ignore the pants, but they do  help see the jacket better.  Please give me some feedback.  I have very broad shoulders so I had to go with a 44R, like I said before it feels good at the shoulders, back and chest.  But I feel that at the waist I have way too much material.  Thanks for the help. 
What would they do to alter the sides?  The first lady that helped me at BB mentioned doing something to the sides but then her boss took over and said I looked good.  My fiancee thinks I look good! lol  
Waist shaping?    The shoulders do feel good.  I will take better pictures and post them.   
This is a 44R Fitzgerald from BB. I feel like there is too much material around my waist or am I just being to picky.  The shoulders and back feel good.  Please let me know what you think.   
I know not to fight her on it. I have already lost a few battles.  lol     I think that is what I meant that the tie and the shirt would blend in too much.  We shall see what happens.  I may model it for her and see if she notices it.   What if I wore a pale blue shirt?
Would a champagne colored tie with the navy suit and white dress shirt look good?  That is what my fiancee wants!   I am afraid the shirt and tie would not pop as much with the navy suit.  Our colors for our wedding are sage green and pink.  So I thought I would maybe pick a tie in that family of colors but she wants me in champagne, I don't know if it matches her dress or what!  Are there different shades of champagne that would not look too muted?
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