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How much breaking in does a pair of raw denim require before one should consider pairing it with a blazer/sports coat? I'm afraid my raw denim haven't been broken in long enough so they may bleed when I wear a non blue jacket
Thanks teger for the input. Getting a good camera is on my to do list (probably last though cause im trying to get art supplies to learn how to paint, gonna do this before starting photography). Regarding the jeans, theyre a beater pair i bought 2-3 years back (i havent grown much since leaving high school ) so i know theyre not the greatest.
        My second time posting a pic on here........... feel free to destroy me (completely serious).  My iphone 4 is like a potato
can't find this anywhere, the search continues
Question regarding sunglasses- Asian face/facial features   Was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for sunglasses for someone who's asian.   Most of the time when I find sunglasses they don't fit my face.  Usually the lenses/plastic frame touch my cheeks.  
  lol, thanks the tips. Preciate it srs.     In regards to your question, I'm a college freshman right now and I just go to school, aside from working part time.  I don't really have a budget, but I try to find things for fairly reasonable  prices- I never buy something at the full retail price, unless it's a pair of shoes/something I really want.    My wardrobe mostly consists of button down shirts, crewneck/vneck sweaters, and khaki chinos.  I guess American Trad...
Thanks CDhagg, gonna try and find my other camera. May I ask why the rugby over the ocbd look is bad?      Thanks man.  I've been told this before. Gonna untuck it from now on.   
  Hey guys, I'm new to styleforum and just created an account last month because I was interested in improving my sense of style. Hope I don't get destroyed for this.  I know I have to clean my bathroom mirror btw and also I need to learn how to take better pics. However, I'm limited to my iphone camera currently.     Rugby shirt I got a while back (from when I was in middle school......) bb university blue shirt nato strap watch khaki chinos burgundy...
question regarding collars and face type   I've done my research on collars and which  ones go with which face shape.  I'd like to wear spread collars but I don't think they'll fit my face shape, seeing as to how my face is sorta square/boxy.   Are point collars and button down collars my only options?  I know they look better on me cause they help to elongate my face. Just sucks to know my options are limited :/
  I may get destroyed for this..... but what do snaps look like when done this way?   I've done a search and this is what I've found.  I'm getting confused between this and a hidden button down.    ^ thanks man, gonna try to pick up that shirt.   Hope you don't mind, but would wearing a shirt with snaps/press studs without a jacket/blazer look dumb? I'm a college kid so wearing a jacket all the time would look...
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