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O.K. the ski-hooks are not a deal-breaker for me so I'm in on this one! The price is a bit eye-watering but it helps to have the deposit to cushion the blow! Finances are a bit tight at the moment but on payday I will definitely be ordering these.
Hi Everyone,I've been thinking of getting a pair of green boots for a while and,as I don't possess any Cordovan shoes or boots,these sound great! Any chance of having brass ski-hooks in addition to the eyelets? If so,I am most definitely interested.
Hi Everyone! If you look on the Shoehealer Facebook page you will see the Taupe Shrunken Grain Calf Tricker's "Polo" boots,which Richard helped me get made to my own specification.I really like the colour and the "wrinkled" texture of the leather.My friend's daughter,aged 6,asked me,perfectly seriously,if they were made from Dinosaur skin! I replied,equally seriously,"Yes,they are made from Stegosaurus skin!" If she hadn't noticed her parents giggling behind their hands I...
Hi Everyone, I hate to dampen anyone's enthusiasm but Richard from Shoehealer confirmed that Tricker's do not do a Burgundy Scothgrain.He checked with the factory and they said the Short Stow boots pictured are Brown Zug grain with Burgundy polish applied to change the colour.If you look on both the Shoehealer and Tricker's own site there is no mention of Burgundy Scotchgrain,only burnished calf and Repello suede.
Hi Everyone, As someone else has already said,Trickers do not do a Burgundy Scotchgrain.They do a Burgundy burnished calf-as on the pictured Billy boots-and Burgundy Repello suede.Neither the Shoehealer site nor Trickers own site mention a Burgundy Scotchgrain. I have no idea who provided the Burgundy Scothchgrain for the other boots(stubby Stows?)shown but I would not be surprised if it was one of the Japanese firms with whom Trickers frequently collaborate.
Hi Zipphy, Thanks for your speedy reply!
Hi Zipphy,Can you please tell me the colour of the Scotchgrain Stow boot shown in the comparison with the Stubby Stow?I really like that shade!
Hello Everyone, I am very sorry to be a spoilsport but I'm afraid Trickers do not do a blue pebble leather.Richard from SH confirmed this for me last week.I have a pair of shoes in coffee burnished leather and they are much  darker than the LS shoes in the photograph,which look closer to Gold M.C. calf.
Hi Mr.Chorizo, I forgot to mention in my last message that Richard suggested sticking with white binding rather than a contrasting binding in the "wrong" shade.I don't think another colour would  be possible anyway,given that we can only have 2 colours/materials. I'd be happy with a white leather brogue on the 4444 last,tan lining,pink suede heel,pink or blue pull-tab and Commando soles.I'd prefer brown soles but I could live with black!The eyelets and laces in white...
Hello Everyone,I asked Richard from Shoehealer about colours for the binding and he told me that pink is not available.The available colours are C shade,Navy blue,black,mushroom,coffee,red,dark green,mid-brown,dark brown and white. Incidentally,he said a group of Trickers/Shoehealer Monkey boots will be shown on their website this Wednesday.There will be several colours but very limited numbers for each colour.
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