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i'm a jeans guy myself, i hardly wear chinos even when it's too warm outside. but if it boils down to a suit jacket and blazer, it's hands down the suit for me.
I used to having my trousers touch a bit of the front part of the shoes.
Linen is preferable during summer although it tends to crease but it should keep you cooler.
I prefer the skinny/narrow ties and you're seeing more of that again nowadays.
Corporate greed indeed. C'mon I think everyone's aware that when it comes to manufacturing clothes top brands rely on China and other Asian countries for manpower then sell their luxe products for more than they ever paid those countries.
You reach a certain age where wearing chucks is inappropriate.
That is one tight shirt I probably won't breathe in those...just get it tailored to fit your body but not tight.
it doesn't match sorry.
Good point.
I try not to overspend on suits but sometimes the need arises that I have to look my best so no other way to do that than wear a fine tailor made suit.
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