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For coffee? That would be a dream.
  Burgundy's a great choice and just makes your white shirt/darksuit pop with color.
Funny sometimes people obsess about what to wear, people should be concerned more about being on time for the interview, and the right things to say during the process. What you wear definitely gives an impression, but it's what you do and say that lands you the job.
It would be best to figure out what style you really want beforehand to avoid any waste in terms of material and so you also get your money's worth.
Brooks Brothers Milano
The one thing that's obvious to me is the sleeve of the suit, it looks crinkled and seems a size bigger.
A cummerbund would be more appropriate thing to wear thatn the vest.
I agree that dressing well as the boss certainly sets an example for your entire staff that looking good says a lot about a person's confidence and self-worth.
It's like they made it a size bigger. The pants length is a little long, shoulders too wide, needs to take a bit of the waist.
It doesn't work for my taste. I'm all for subtle and solids prints when it comes to ties.
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