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    True. Where's the fun in that anyway..
  Not exactly flattering, the pockets seem odd..
It's true though, you can practically wear anything with a grey herringbone jacket
I prefer a longer coat so i'd go with the Zara coat.
there's seriously something wrong with the sleeves with all the creases.
  It does look tight overall or should I say too slim fitting. You might want to opt for a straighter cut so you wouldn't look too thin.
There's plenty online: try with JCrew or Tommy Hilfiger
Just resell it the tuxedo so you can move on and look for something better.
You probab;y need a bunch of elastic fabrics in the suits to be able to move like James Bond. A regular wool custom suit just wouldn't cut it now.
What's wrong with Banana Republic or Gap? For a student like you they do offer blazers and sports coats within the student budget. Cucinelli is just too pricey for you right now.
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