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How did you guys get into making shoes? What's your story..
HOw is it rayon? What  cha talkin bout..
Good idea
iron heart is super heavy and super soft.. amazing  
anyone know which ironheart style is closest to the flathead 3009 ?
Looking for restock date of silver flathead keyring too..
  When will you have photos up? I just got my fh 3009s today, the fit is amazing. Soaking them now, there gonna be tight as hell at first but thank go I didn't get the 33. Thanks for your help, that would have been a major hassle..    
cool. how much?
Oooooooh I live for the smell of my post office, it's like if your on a tall mountain like Rocky is there, but he knocked out the Russian, and oh the sweet sweet kisses of the women form your living room. You watch your tv, go online and boom your having fun. Sometimes dinner is free or you eat frogs, who cares if your having fun. You know? If your having fun, who cares!!
self edge.com   flathead is real nice but they have alot of options
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