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I'll give you 20
You have unadvertised sales?
This list is horrible. Apc and nudies should be sold at target
I feel like apc is by far the most over rated denim, there crap compared to the the construction and denim of iron heart say
Man, aldens are some of the ugliest shoes
The daily on the iPad is SICKKKKKKK, it's the best news and current event magazine you'll read, they have there own writers, photographers, and staff. It's great news, crisp delivery and amazing put together.
Great answer by the way. Thank you.
Well, I ordered a pair of the RS04. So I will report back after a while. Let's see what all the fuss is about.
Can someone explain why Roy's are so popular. With all respect and not being a smartass, I feel a lot of the japanese brands look a lot better and are made just as well, I've also watched the videos and respect the fact he makes each pair, and there made in USA and all but why soooo much love? Also why all caught up on cone mill denim? Why is it so good or better than other top denim, someone help me understand.
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