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^^somet I'm working on these iron heart sexih13
Any time I've soaked a pair, the water got a little blue but I couldn't see any indigo loss to the naked eye, I've found abrasion is the only way to lose indigo truly, and abrasion while wet definitely, like a washing machine, but not water alone.
I got off.My apc's ripped in the process. Dork.
I tried apc on and they felt like Kmart specials. Flatheads are nowhere near heavy and have great cuts
Iron heart will be coming out with a white denim in there famous and hugely popular 634s cut. It has a coating to keep the white clean, should be amazing
Just curious, why dry clean? They use chemicals. Soak and hang works very well.
Here's a suggestion:Dont waste your money on apc or nudie buy a real pairLike Iron heart or flat head.For those wearing apc, have you tried any premium denim? It's worth it
Price drop to 700
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