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You act like its normal to shave around your asshole.. Lol . FYI- that ain't normal
They look super light for new raw denim, you must have lost ALOT of indigo. Bye bye high contrast fade..
Good luck, 1 post and no PayPal? Western union? Lol. Do you have an eBay seller account that interested parties may check your feedback there?
i wear a us 10.5 would they be to big for me?
FYI/ asking for no scams on Craigslist is like saying please send scams, can't stand Craigslist, the scam Capitol. I listed a car for 1,000. A real beater, holy shit, I got prob 30 calls in two days, 1 was a actual real buyer. 
How did you guys get into making shoes? What's your story..
HOw is it rayon? What  cha talkin bout..
Good idea
iron heart is super heavy and super soft.. amazing  
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