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What do you mean by "newer brands"
He took them to have creases removed? Lol! Tell him to put shoe trees in, then he will prob say ohhhhhh I'll keep them now
Get 50 dollar jeans tapered?
^^somet I'm working on these iron heart sexih13
Any time I've soaked a pair, the water got a little blue but I couldn't see any indigo loss to the naked eye, I've found abrasion is the only way to lose indigo truly, and abrasion while wet definitely, like a washing machine, but not water alone.
I got off.My apc's ripped in the process. Dork.
I tried apc on and they felt like Kmart specials. Flatheads are nowhere near heavy and have great cuts
Iron heart will be coming out with a white denim in there famous and hugely popular 634s cut. It has a coating to keep the white clean, should be amazing
Just curious, why dry clean? They use chemicals. Soak and hang works very well.
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