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Great answer by the way. Thank you.
Well, I ordered a pair of the RS04. So I will report back after a while. Let's see what all the fuss is about.
Can someone explain why Roy's are so popular. With all respect and not being a smartass, I feel a lot of the japanese brands look a lot better and are made just as well, I've also watched the videos and respect the fact he makes each pair, and there made in USA and all but why soooo much love? Also why all caught up on cone mill denim? Why is it so good or better than other top denim, someone help me understand.
Your correct, I stand corrected. I was looking at just the body kit I think
You realize this camara is 698.00 on amazon?
im selling16gig, Lte att version if anyone interested
Chausser natural shell cordovan boots, these boots have only been worn a few times they will darken and crease with age. fits size US 10 mabey 10.5. marked size is 27 44, see pictures you can see a small stain on the vamp of the right boot in the picture and the left lace is a bit shorter but still ties fine.   for credibility you can check my ebay profile with the same name "nerkg" i have a ton of sales and 100% perfect feedback, thanks This is a picture of how they age...
Can anyone comment on Chausser natural shell boots, or post pics of worn ones?
i've owned 1 pair Aldens and they were super comfortable and very well made, but is that the main draw? There are plenty of well made shoes produced, i dont get why so many are Alden nerds on here.. most of the shoes are not the easiest to look at? why the intense love and obsession for the brand.? enlighten my ignorance pleaseee..
I'm in Pennsylvania, that's why I'm concerned, I ordered flathead 3009 few weeks ago, (well my wife did) they were here in 3 days from when they were sent
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