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Just so you know, I was told 10-12 weeks. And they took 20. Yes TWENTY weeks. After research this is not only common, I've yet to find anyone who got them in quoted time
So I can save 6 dollars to buy from you rather then the source?
Hell yea
Hey guys, I have AF53 color 8 coming from alden of Carmel this week, are there any QC issues or any thing else I should look for? For that kind of money I expect them to be prestine, and I don't wanna overlook anything that I'm not aware I should be looking for. Thanks in advance
First off it would help a lot if you say which kind of jeans it is, second . No, absolutely not, they will not stretch in the lower leg or ankle at all
Front rise has alot to do with thigh too, in high rise jeans 12" thigh is perfect, in low rise jeans 12" thigh is tight as hell on me.
Get a pair of 634s. They add a chemical to retard fading. For a vitage look, and if you give them a long hot soak you won't get any bleed after that at all really
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