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You can't stretch boots. I've tried on two pair of high end boots. You can stretch them minimally Mabey a 1/4 size. Cathpaw all talk no results
It's from nicks website
Captoe Oxford double mid
Oh and at 19 weeks I was fed up and called to get my money back they said I can't the boots had been started. If I could go back I would have demanded my money back. Yes the boots are great but you can't treat customers like that. F nicks
Running 12-14 weeks ... Lol good luck with that. They told me flat out 12 weeks. Took 20 weeks. And no apology, no discount, no free conditioner, no nothing. I've talked to 4 people so far that got them, no one under 19-20 weeks.
Yea, you are correct but that first post is off, a welt is nothing to do with the nicks or viberg stitch down construction. I've taken apart a bunch of pairs. Either way, no point arguing. Whites is the worst imo out of all brands mentioned .
Now I'm really confused, whites uses stitch down, nicks contender uses stitch down, (McKay)neither uses a welt, other than on a few rarer styles. certainly neither uses Blake rapid. Not being a dick, just really trying to see what you mean
I disagree, the mexcel is waxier then cxl in my opinion, it's not waxy around the toe as much because when the boot is lasted it is stretched over the last and takes the wax feel away from that part, the reason people like nicks including me is the craftsmanship is better than whites, and don't Believe the horween hype, yes it's good leather but there's as good and better leather out there. Horween is so blown up by people who listen to people who listen to hype on these...
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