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It's not ok to get any full grain leather wet. Rule #1. Wax could help protect a little.
holy hell these are ugly  
AnyoNe know how individual sentiment boots compare to guidi in leather quality and craftsmanship, and who makes them? Also I'm a size 10 or 10.5 what size would I wear? Thanks in advance
    Didnt realize you can't misspell anything or be new atound here without getting passive aggressive grandiose replies..
are there any boot makers which have styles similar to augusta or guidi but around a 500.00 price range?
So What makes Edward Green so good? there not even hand made? is it that they get better material than say allen edmonds or alden? or the craftmanship is better..and john Lobb, for 3000-5000 dollars they should be stiching those babies by hand, every thread. on a side note i cant stand how cordoven looks after it gets creased, anyone feel the same?
    Yea, and they will be in Philly near me next month for 1 day, now about the 5k to get some boots and trees , that's a different conversation 
  For wives they are
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