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Can anyone comment on Chausser natural shell boots, or post pics of worn ones?
i've owned 1 pair Aldens and they were super comfortable and very well made, but is that the main draw? There are plenty of well made shoes produced, i dont get why so many are Alden nerds on here.. most of the shoes are not the easiest to look at? why the intense love and obsession for the brand.? enlighten my ignorance pleaseee..
I'm in Pennsylvania, that's why I'm concerned, I ordered flathead 3009 few weeks ago, (well my wife did) they were here in 3 days from when they were sent
anyone else order the SEXIHXLSXA13 from selfedge and having problem, it says shipped on 2/22 on self edge but still saying post office did not recieve package when i track? 7 Days, i mean usps has tracking issues but not only not trackable, i get stuff from cal all the time priority and takes 2-5 days, this is 7 with no sign of getting them..
  If not sold out, only 100 black, 100 natural
Alden LSxSE On trubalance last
The cap toe makes these really pop,I'm a size 10 and got the last 9.5 leather soul had in stock, they must have made these in a limited amount
Who makes it??
my bad, didnt realize which thread this was... what kind of belt?
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