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    These need an amp to get any full potential, the best value overall would be the audio technica ath-m50, there's no other headphone in the conversation for unamped headphones in that price range, most high end ones need an amp or don't waste your money, they sound like earbuds without one
Is there an official iron heart thread, I wanna see before and after pics and here about your dudes experience with this great brand of raw denim! 
    Dear life:   Why you mean?, Why I not happy?, what I doing wrong? How i use Internet!!!!??? Why people mean? EBAY FEES!!ACCESSORIES!!!!!!!!!!        
Anyone have experience with bamboo clothes, namely tshirts? Are they super soft, what brands to buy.. Ect..
you have a six pack on your back? lol
Amada in Philly. Spanish Tapas. Amazing. but 190.00 for 2 people no alcohol.
remember Zima?
Wow these are so ugly  
do you have any other colors or washes? these are not a nice looking color, but id be interested in other colors
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