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anyone else order the SEXIHXLSXA13 from selfedge and having problem, it says shipped on 2/22 on self edge but still saying post office did not recieve package when i track? 7 Days, i mean usps has tracking issues but not only not trackable, i get stuff from cal all the time priority and takes 2-5 days, this is 7 with no sign of getting them..
  If not sold out, only 100 black, 100 natural
Alden LSxSE On trubalance last
The cap toe makes these really pop,I'm a size 10 and got the last 9.5 leather soul had in stock, they must have made these in a limited amount
Who makes it??
my bad, didnt realize which thread this was... what kind of belt?
You act like its normal to shave around your asshole.. Lol . FYI- that ain't normal
They look super light for new raw denim, you must have lost ALOT of indigo. Bye bye high contrast fade..
Good luck, 1 post and no PayPal? Western union? Lol. Do you have an eBay seller account that interested parties may check your feedback there?
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