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Can someone check it out? The model says 70257 but it says dash OFA
Can anyone tell, what is the difference between the 257 for 300 and the 257 for 199.00, just the color?? If so 199 is a killer deal for the 257 http://dungarees.net/category_Filson_Luggage-2-48-0-16-0-0.html
They are done doing it, I called a week ago
I would get a new one. That should have never got through qc
You couldn't be more wrong. Parts of the cow or horse get more wear and tear during there life, that's what the creasing is, I've seen it many times in aero jackets, the finer the leather the more chance for this, the inconsistencies are unavoidable. When they are cutting the leather there's really no way to know what part will crease in this way until they have some wear. The lining has zero to do with it.
Offers welcome
Coming my way can I shine the reverse you think?
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