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Are these for sale?
That's a ton of money for some ugly red shoes , not as bad as the hideous Indys but still
500?!?!? You mean 50?
Oh my word...why are these not 10s?!
D width
They are slightly too big . I def need a 10.5 I could Prob get away with 10 even. I'm not completely swimming in them but with the arches they have to fit right, 350.00 shipped in the USA, they literally look and smell brand new
I'm selling my boots, the same exact ones on the first post of this thread , worn 5 times, look brand new, size 11
In the last your looking at your a 12 from what you listed here no doubtI'm 10 in Barrie last and 10 or 10.5 in oakstreet and I'm an 11 in the ones you want
LolWait till you handle a pair, beat down viberg for 300 dollars less.I literally think nicks is the most well made boot made in North America
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