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Coming my way can I shine the reverse you think?
I'm gonna guess this is reverse black shell , but it's polished? So good. I've got a pair of reverse shell oxfords MTO on the way. I wonder how or if it could be polished
100 Alden posts a day.. Let's get this thread going
429.00 through paypal
Price drop 449.00 one day only.
To me that's one hideously ugly boot in every way, the bulbous toe looks bad
Brand new guidi derby they fit me a little big. They are marked a 42 but fit a USA 10 10.5 , I was told because it's all one peice. Send me any resonable offer. These retail for almost 1100.00
I'm a 9.5 in trubalance, perfect fit. In nicks 9.5 fits snug, 10 has a little room
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