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429.00 through paypal
Price drop 449.00 one day only.
To me that's one hideously ugly boot in every way, the bulbous toe looks bad
Brand new guidi derby they fit me a little big. They are marked a 42 but fit a USA 10 10.5 , I was told because it's all one peice. Send me any resonable offer. These retail for almost 1100.00
I'm a 9.5 in trubalance, perfect fit. In nicks 9.5 fits snug, 10 has a little room
Stretched or relasted
Are those the zuricks?
You can't stretch boots. I've tried on two pair of high end boots. You can stretch them minimally Mabey a 1/4 size. Cathpaw all talk no results
It's from nicks website
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