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I have a pair of the Red Wing Wabasha boots that was made for J. Crew. I have owned them for a few years now. They need resoling. Red Wing has told me that they did not manufacture those boots and thus cannot resole them. They have a moccasin construction. I assume one of the companies in Maine made them for Red Wing. Would anybody know who manufactured these boots for Red Wing?
Just got my first pair of Gustin's. The quality and looks are amazing. I received the American Sixteener last week. I have been wearing them every day since. I have noticed a couple comments about the slims having a low rise. I got the standard straight fit and I am having the opposite experience. The rise is much higher compared to my other jeans. Has anyone else experienced this? How does the rise of the straight fit compare with other raw denim brands? My only other...
The F/W new arrivals look awesome especially that hunting vest. I recently became a huge fan after buying a pair of the greasers this summer. Keep up the awesome work. Also, are there any plans for some new shirt options?
I would also recommend Taylor Stitch or Mercer and Sons. I haven't personally tried either one, but I have read a lot of great reviews about the quality of each. Those are two brands that I am personally interested in. The Taylor Stitch is slim and designed so it can be worn tucked in but not look silly un-tucked and it has an eighth button to help it stay tucked in. The Mercer and Sons are fuller cut but you can request a slimmer fit when ordering them. Both are in your...
Wear whatever you feel like wearing. You most likely will get made fun or at the very least get some odd stares. If that doesn't bother you then go for it. If you want something casual looking go for a bow tie made from cotton in a casual pattern like a plaid. Keep your shirt understated something like a Blue or White OCBD.
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