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Are the pants pleated?
Brand: Alden for Leather Soul in Honolulu Condition: Pre-owned in excellent condition Style: Indy Boot Last: Tru-balance Last Color: Dark Brown Material: Kudu Leather Measurements: 12.75'' length, 4.5" width   Asking $400 shipped.  PM for questions.  These Indy Boots are a limited item by Alden for Leather Soul in Honolulu. They are finished in Kudu leather and with a lugged sole. Size 10D which for these boots equates to a regular size 10.5D. Gently used but it in...
Do you have any pictures?
I have a online store credit for J. Press and York Street from a return that I am looking to get rid of.  The amount is $232, and I am willing to accept $200 for it. Since the credit is linked to my account, I can give you access to my J. Press/York Street account and you can use it how you like. Paypal only. Thanks.
Would you mind measuring the chest and shoulders? Thanks.
Are those the green model? Thanks.
Brand: Kent Wang Condition: Pre-owned in Excellent Condition Color: Navy Pattern: Grenadine Grossa Width: 3.5'', Length: 64'' Material: 100% Silk $55 Shipped.
Brand: Church's Condition: Pre-Owned in Excellent Condition Color: Black Material: Leather Size: UK 9.5G / US 10.5E Style: Monk Strap Model: Westbury Last: Church's 173 Last Welt: Goodyear Measurements: Bottom of the Sole: 12.5'' Length, Width 4.25" These shoes are in excellent condition.  Very lightly worn with no scuffs or tears.  Since Thomas Church first began his small shoemaking business in 1873, Church's shoes have become known around the world for...
Are the sunglasses still available?
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