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If your're logged in with an account tagged with corporate membership, it looks like the cart doesn't let you put in another code.  To get the BB15 code to work, I had to sign out of my account, refill my cart, and then on the shopping bag page, the box to input the code appeared.  I then checked out without signing in, because if I did, the discount would disappear (I tried it).  But, even though I wasn't logged in to my account, it still recognized my...
Nuts.   Thanks.
I'm going to be in NYC on Monday - anyone know of any sales going on?
Sizing is a bit of a mystery but I find they run 1/2 to 1 full size large, based on 3 pairs. Nice shoes, but hard to predict fit as a result.
I just received what I think is last year's version of the navy tailored fit blazer, which is $189:'s-outerwear/Navy-tailored-fit-blazer?q=usddefault||BL032NAV|||||||||||||   It's a pretty solid product.  The fabric had a lot more texture than I expected (pictures on the CT website are mostly useless), but the fit is great, measurements are correct, and the weight is on the lighter side. The shoulders are definitely less pronounced...
Thanks for the tip - with the free shipping, I picked up 8 for a song
How does the slim fit compare to the Jack chino fit? Also, why no 31" waists? Thanks
Would you please post measurements? Thanks
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