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Love the fabric and the cut.... Need it in my life.... Quote: Originally Posted by RyanLeez0r opoika's suit looks spot on sleeves and all.
Going through a Gospel phase: Liz McComb Live in New Orleans, Tha Truth, Sho Baraka, Kirk, Old Soul; Maze, Leroy Hutson, Patrice Rushen, bobby Caldwell
funny thread... I lived in Paris for a while and the French are convinced most Americans are challenged intellectually... Someone said something about Nigeria being "large and corrupt".. this is a case in point.. Funny thread all the same, but whats with the masochistic long-suffering attitude man. If he's so "dumb" do something and stop the whining.... Peace
Anybody Make the APC epic sale on Saturday in Paris???
Zara is a half step up from H&M however with both its still like treading on miry ground... medium risk. But much better than British High Street brands ie Top Shop, FCUK... I like the Zara jeans, Jap Raw Denim without the scalping..
Euro wins over the dollar big time.... but then again it all depends on who is consuming...
Got a titanium ring with 3 groves... Been married almost 4 years and I still get comments
Finding God made me more daring... leaving Europe to go back to Lagos, Nigeria Getting married Leaving paid employment to follow my heart (set an Oil and Gas vehicle and a publishing house)..
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