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Shour out to MarkThomas, FaceofBoh (Michael).. For hooking me up with 2 pairs of great loafers... Blessings brahs...
where's Versace on that list, can only be subjective... one man's meat..
I like beautiful things, l'amour du bel objet.. On a deeper level, a man, styled out, is in control, in dominion.. He is winning.. going somewhere..people see it ...
in my experience MTM tailors rarely get the look we SFers like... that's why we thrift ... I have a tailor in Lagos, old school guy, who gets all hot and sweaty when we argue about suit length etc However, with time he has come to understand me better and I get the occasional props from acquaintances and strangers.. If a tailor is good and you have patience he will come through for you.. Blessings
Love this..
Covent garden for everything cool; art books, cloth shops, shoe shops.. Lower Regent Street: cloth shops, Saville Row:... U well surrounded, enjoy..
scored a bunch of king Sunny Ade records 60s and 70s including this one: saw 2 rolling stones albums this one had a poster in it: nice score:D
bought 7 shirts all top notch, the slim fit is the best fit for off the rack I've ever tried better than all the English brands, I'm 6 foot 3 and weigh about 85kgs, the slim fit is just right not too tight just loose enough.. I recommend!
I used to use can pear (halves) with camembert cheese wrapped in foil pop in oven for a few ...the result got me maaad props with ze lady friends...In the meat market, its a dog eat dog world.. u need all the help u can conjure...
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