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Can anyone give me some advice on the fits? I know the Washington is the slimmest fit but I can't really go for the peak lapel. What's the next slimmest fit in the line? I'm particularly worried about the pants, as while I have an athletic build and broad shoulders, I have a slim waist and prefer very slim ankle hems and pant legs. Thanks.
Hey guys,   So I'm getting a little impatient waiting for Suitsupply Toronto to open, and I feel like ordering one relatively soon. I'm quite the newbie to suiting so I was wondering if anyone knew what fit might be best for someone like me. The best fitting suit that I own (at least, to my taste) is this $200 cheapie from H&M; just had the pants hemmed an inch and a half and it was fine. According to H&M it's a euro 46, 36R with 32R trousers. Is there anything that...
  My new Marvin M120. Loving it.
 I suppose I'm a little unsure as to what the budget would be for a fitting of an off-the-rack suit. That's what I'm looking for advice/info on. I'd like a professional but stylish fit (I'd prefer slim/modern to conservative; I just don't feel myself when a suit feels larger than my regular clothes even if it's a 'proper' fit) so I was thinking of going with one of the more contemporary fits on Suitsupply.   The suit would have to be something of an all-rounder; simple...
I think I know exactly the pants you're talking about. They're under the "Zara Young" line which I don't think is manufactured anymore. I've got a couple pairs and despite their age they're still some of my favourite pants. Slim but comfortable, with a great silhouette; angled pockets and the slightest flare at the ankle. I really wish they still made them.
Hey guys,   I'm a young guy (22) looking to pick up some suits from Suitsupply to start a decent wardrobe for myself as a working professional (I'm in dental school at the moment). I need to know of anyone's experiences with tailors in the downtown area, ie. who can give me a thorough, well-done fitting of the suits without scoffing at my relatively low budget, but still knows how to make a slender young guy look good. He/she'd have to be relatively patient with my...
  Eek. I'd like to know as well. Doesn't look like any current model, though.    
Been perusing this thread since info on Gosling's glasses was posted. Also discovered Depp's glasses as being exceedingly similar, the Moscot Lemtoshes.   The Warby Parker Fillmores are basically identical to the Lemtoshes and nearly identical to Gosling's Barton Perreira Gilberts if anyone's looking for a budget alternative.   Personally, I'm not sure if circular frames suit me yet so I'm going to order a free pair of Joseph Marc 4103s from...
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