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I've seen it most often referred to as "Ralph Lauren Signature Label" and I think it would be fair/not keyword spamming if you also said "pre-RLPL".
Serves me right for replying based on phone pics while trying to put baby to sleep.
I believe you can email Alden with the details from inside the shoe and they can tell you.You'll get opinions in the Alden thread, but there has been enough variance in shades of ravello and whiskey that I think you want to hear it straight from the source.
As a buyer, I watch BINOBO items all the time. There are several reasons:• EBay automatically alerts you if the item goes on sale• EBay automatically alerts you when it is relisted, which often happens at a lower price• I might be interested in several similar items, and by watching them all its an easy way to bookmark them and go back and compare• if I watch a BINOBO item get relisted three or four times, I can be reasonably sure that there is not a huge demand for the...
Seems we led the thread off on a tangent a bit. Been sitting on a J. Crew gift card for a while. Hoping for another "mixup" with one of their sale codes in order to get in on a Color 8 LWB at a bit of a discount. But I've had to stay on the sidelines for much of the shell game, so no other plans in that arena. I'd love to get a Cigar LWB, but at $750+ new--and sometimes more used!--it's not in the cards. The pics of the AoC ones that are showing up are just gorgeous,...
Ouch. I came to the Alden thread to forget about my Detroit teams' miserable weekends. If anybody on the thread can throw middle relief or kick a field goal, I anticipate some positions opening up in the coming week or two.
+1 Barrie
No, I received the payment via Paypal. It's just that I'm very small time (only sell a few things per year!) and so the funds don't become available in my Paypal account until a holding period (during which time Paypal is surely making scads of money on the float from my $25).
New Posts  All Forums: