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  You mean like this guy?  There was a discussion in the thrift thread about what his 9-5 gig was.
 This. Everybody knows that mom gains weight when she gets pregnant and has kids. Nobody warned me that dad does, too!
He said 9-5, not 5-9.
 All those gorgeous RLPLs, but only for the big guys.   As others have said, no controversy. The signature line has Ralph's complete signature and has no printed name, just like Purple Label. Only on a blue label. Instead of purple. This one is often referred to as Ralph Ralph Lauren, so as not to be confused with Blue Label, aka PRL. Ralph Ralph Lauren is sometimes abbreviated to RRL, especially by shadyconfused Ebay sellers. That would be wrong, because RRL is the name...
[[SPOILER]]  I know most of you guys are sellers and find that there are a lot of idiot buyers out there. Know, too, that not all sellers are "Top-Rated". 
[[SPOILER]]  Great choice. Looks like a fun night, Cleav.
I checked the RL thread (thanks for the gentle reminder). Suggestion there is that it is Martin Greenfield, though I did not see a solid confirmation.
From Monday. King LWB.
Spoo, do you know the maker on that RL Signature jacket listed first? Too big for me, but I just picked up something similar with same label. Made in USA, but I only found questions in the labels thread, no answer.
Figured I'd come back here and eat some crow. My only defense for not being able to describe how shite Chelsea were is that the game was not on anywhere.But how much did I really need to see?!?!? Up 2-0 and then let a League One side ship four past us?!?Humiliating doesn't begin to describe it.
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