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 No, particularly in college I had no illusions that many people actually *enjoyed* the taste of alcohol. It was much more about the lack of (or potential to lose) self-control. It was a big deal for me for a long time. Now I quite enjoy the infrequent times when I do have a couple of drinks. My wife says that I'm a cheap date, since I'm such a lightweight after teetotaling for so long. I can appreciate that. I'm usually both saddened and relieved when we have family...
 When I was a teetotaler (until I was about 30) the two most difficult things for me were (a) convincing people that I was enjoying myself even though I wasn't drinking and (b) trying to avoid making others feel bad because I wasn't drinking and they were. So many people wanted there to be an important reason why I didn't drink (was my dad an abusive alcoholic?, did I know someone close to me killed by a drunk driver?, did my religious beliefs prohibit me from drinking?)...
 "We're gonna win the league!"
Look at the math of compound interest and then reconsider--and I know you are about to start the med school journey and won't be able to put tons of money away. *Anything* you put away now will grow by leaps and bounds over the course of a 40-year investment horizon. You almost literally cannot afford to wait. "Catching up" to compound interest is damn near impossible.As others have noted, money deposited into other accounts, or automatically diverted to investments is a...
 RLPL Made in England is Chester Barrie, I believe. Very nice stuff.
 Funny. I saw the StyFo "preview" of your post and thought it was going to be in reference to Suarez!!
Speaking of Zlatan (), anybody else see "he" has his own search engine:   zlaaatan.com    
 Touché. Agreed. Loco, but also magnifico.
Lots of arguments abound, but I think it's generally regarded as Blue Moon, Wild Cherry, and Lemon.   Superman Ice Cream
On the topic of ice cream from the Midwest, anybody know of a way to get Superman flavor ice cream in LA??
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