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 RLPL Made in England is Chester Barrie, I believe. Very nice stuff.
 Funny. I saw the StyFo "preview" of your post and thought it was going to be in reference to Suarez!!
Speaking of Zlatan (), anybody else see "he" has his own search engine:   zlaaatan.com    
 Touché. Agreed. Loco, but also magnifico.
Lots of arguments abound, but I think it's generally regarded as Blue Moon, Wild Cherry, and Lemon.   Superman Ice Cream
On the topic of ice cream from the Midwest, anybody know of a way to get Superman flavor ice cream in LA??
I loved Luiz when he was with Chelsea, but I can't help be happy to know that we sold at the absolute top of the market!
 This isn't correct. You can set the price below which Ebay autodeclines. In your example, if you set auto-decline to $400, your theoretical $495 offer would not be automatically declined.
 No disrespect to @justridiculous but I'm partial to @ClassyCanuck's avatar.
Haha. I read it that way first, too."...Hello Kitty Bag,Little Spoo"I particularly like that she knows her BBCode shortcuts. No wasting time with the GUI.
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