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Leave no Kaschimir behind!
Just listed a blue Nanamica Cruiser Jacket in Large. Also have a pair of Large Orlebar Brown Hobson Shirts in Desert Brown and Grey.
Polo Country is the precursor to RRL, right?Surprised to see it's Made in China. I thought production for Polo Country was mostly in USA.
 I initially had some trouble reading that tag, too. Then I saw the glaringly obvious Medium.  
 Assume he means Brooks Brothers Black Fleece
Dat PRL Madras, tho.And Made in India, too!Deetz, bro?
I have a pair of PRL Marlow full strap loafers in shell cordovan. The fit just isn't right for me. I'm looking to move them. Before I send them to eBay, thought I'd try the trade thread.   Size is 9D (US), made in England for RL by Crockett and Jones. I can PM more pics if interested.       I'm interested in sport shirts from RRL, Engineered Garments, etc. I'm generally a Medium, 16 neck, 34 sleeve, 20-22 pit-to-pit.   Also looking for RRL Officer Chinos in 32"...
Shout out to @LeSacre for some nice shirts at a good price. Thanks!
For the upcoming holiday concert season, I am in need of black pants (size 7), black shoes (size 1.5) and white dress shirt (size 7) for my 7 year old son.    Also interested in a white blouse (size 8), black dress (size 8), and black shoes (size 2) for my 8 year old daughter.   Anybody have something nice so they can look sharp? Thanks for any leads.
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