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Subject line says it all. I'm looking for a NWT 100% Cotton Blue Suit jacket separate from the Polo Ralph Lauren line, made in Italy by Corneliani. Looking for a Size 38R. Trying to match up with a pair of trousers I acquired. Trying to match up with the tag in attached photos.
I mistakenly left Global Shipping Program on a listing and the winner is in London, ON.   Am I obligated to use GSP, or can I just choose a USPS Priority option? I tried to print a shipping label to see what my options were, but buyer hasn't paid, yet.
My wife still isn't 100% sold on my EBay interestobsession. Despite my Tom Ford purchase earlier this year:[Photo has been Instagrammed--I wanna win a Drakes for LS tie!]
Not raining, yet, in SoCal, but I came prepared with Kudu Chukkas today:
 Walter Zenga.
I'd like to refund partial shipping on an item.   When do others normally send that refund? Immediately after shipping? After item is received by buyer?
Was wondering if this applies to Aldens which have only had the heels replaced.
King CT for J. Crew + RRL Officer Chinos (rolled rather than hemmed by a specialist)
I have an auction listing with a BIN option (not BINOBO) that has zero bids. Someone messaged me asking if I would accept $25 less than my BIN price. If I am willing to accept, is it better to reduce my BIN price on the listing and tell them to buy, or have them purchase at BIN price and then send invoice for offered price? I'm guessing the former is better as I think the FVF of the latter would be based on the sold price, not the invoiced price. Is that accurate? The...
  I have a blue Nanamica Cruiser Jacket in Large on Ebay. $375 OBO.   PM me here and we can save on fees.   PayPal only.
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