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 As a Chelsea fan I'm sad to see him go. I would have liked to have seen him fight for his place, especially with Drogba there as a mentor. But I'm not unhappy to put an extra £10M on the balance sheet.
Details on the Pucci dress?
 According to Google Translate it says "Only Jesus" Not sure about the lower bit as I can't quite make out all of the letters, but I think it might(?) be the artist's name/signature.
I like to tell people that I came to my Chelsea support honestly, and pre-Roman. In the mid-90s I had a buddy who didn't have Internet access at his office. So he would ask me to print out the Chelsea match report and fax it to him. After a season of reading Chelsea match reports while waiting for the fax machine to confirm successful transmission I was hooked.
I popped @ClassyCanuck's avatar into Google's image search a few months ago.Was not disappointed by the diversion.
Based on Fok's AMA replies regarding the OSB thread, Jamison must still be paying for this affiliate thread, no?
Already getting tired of the American soccer haters' talking point that celebrating a loss seems "un-American." Saw someone from the New Yorker with that theme, and even @voxsartoria played that tune on Twitter. Perhaps it would be better for them to think of the first round as the regular season and the knockout stages as the playoffs. Though to make that analogy work, the first round may need to be expanded so that teams play 80+ games prior to eliminating only half of...
@mdubs, you've not been watching the World Cup, then?
Did they play like s**t or is Germany just a much better team? I can think of a few individual instances of poor play (starting w/Gonzalez' fluffed clearance early in the first half) but otherwise I thought Germany were simply a better team.I think Klinsmann's critics will be silenced a bit by this game and by the first round in general. He made a tactical switch with Zusi and Davis early on which addressed and largely neutralized Germany's main threat down the right in...
I agree with your ultimate conclusion, but I don't see where there is a gray area.OP ordered a Final Sale item, Unionmade shipped what was ordered.
New Posts  All Forums: