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If you email Alden they can tell you last and retailer and such. It was discussed a few days ago, if you look back in the thread someone posted the email address that he used to get a reasonably quick reply.
Seinfeld Puffy Shirt
Yes, that PRL is by Corneliani. Beautiful pattern.
I can highly recommend the seller. I've bought two or three squares and today received a tie I purchased from him. I've been completely satisfied.
 I always thought it meant it came from an outlet. I've mostly seen gold dots, though. And this is on stuff that goes back at least 25 years, purchased directly by me from various Polo outlet stores.
In that condition, in that size? I suspect he'll be able to find a buyer.Now, if only it were a half size smaller...
Interesting first post. The Instagrammer also claims to be #sexy. Are we invited to disprove that, as well?
 I'm still trying to process the idea of having a conversation about Aldens with my wife that didn't involve the phrase "too many shoes already."
New Posts  All Forums: