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 If you're going to be in school in the Sun Valley area, you might look at the Sunland/Tujunga area. It's not going to have the pizzazz of some of the other areas mentioned, but you're likely to find more for your money in that area.
 Agree with @jssdc on this one. I like the silhouette of the left shoe much better than the one on the right.
 December 26?!?! Must be servant's clothes.
 I, for one, think you've done very well outside of your comfort zone.
 Couldn't find anything quick on the historical Annin labels but I did just learn this weekend that this is commonly called a "yacht ensign" and it was originally introduced in the mid-19th Century as a means for private boats/ships not engaged in commerce to identify themselves as such, thereby eliminating the need for them to have their boats inspected for dutiable items when they came back into port.
This is definitely a pet peeve of mine, creating the shipping label right away, then not delivering the package to the shipper for several days.
Have some things that haven't worked out for me size-wise that I'm offering for trade. Also willing to sell straight up. I'm looking for casual shirts (P2P: 22-23", Sleeve: 34", Shoulders: 18-19"), a staple summer navy sportcoat (38R), or other odd jackets. PM me with an offer. Ralph Lauren Purple Label Gray Sweatshirt Size Medium   [[SPOILER]]  Ralph Lauren Blue Label cotton linen trousers  [[SPOILER]]  Brooks Brothers 1818 Madison flat front charcoal trousers 34/32.  ...
In fairness, I understand that Friday's rainfall in DTLA (0.3") was enough to make this July a record breaker--i.e., no previous recorded month of July had registered so much as 0.25" of rain in total.
 Great stuff, @BenLeaman. It felt like this needed to be animated. 
 Send @SpooPoker a PM about any item you see and make him an offer. If it's his item, he'll negotiate directly with you. If it's a consignment item, he'll take your offer to the consignor and act as your liaison.
New Posts  All Forums: