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 This happened to me about two years ago with a pair of Levi's x Billy Reid. Was so sad. On the good news front, though, after losing 20+ pounds they fit again (wearing today!).
This reminds me, anybody heard recently from @GM-H ? He posted some buttons awhile ago and I sent PM but I haven't heard back, and it looked like he hadn't posted in a while when I checked last.
 A good straight man is invaluable. Abbott had Costello.George had Gracie.Johnny had Ed.
@jefferyd's post on Shoulder Divot's is regarded as the best word.
Oh for punctuation: Can't tell if Spoo is a grammarian who is patiently waiting or if he's doing this:Phonetically it says "ching chan ha," which doesn't register with my weak Korean skills.At first I thought it was someone's name, but the family name would be Ha, which in Korean would come first.Google Translate gives us "Praise and" which seems lacking.tl;dr: IDK
So I messed up and now I'm not sure how to proceed.   I bought an antique Brigg umbrella on Ebay and it arrived today. The condition and everything looked as it did from the listing, so I went ahead and gave positive feedback.   Upon closer inspection, however, it appears to be an umbrella by S. Fox & Co, with a handle stamped Brigg, possibly a replacement at some time in the past.   Have I screwed myself as the buyer by having given positive feedback?   My gut...
Can't even enjoy the Schadenfraude of an Arsenal loss when Chelsea go out on penalties to Stoke.   This season has been a complete W.T.F. thus far.
 I believe that Fozzy is wearing a porkpie, rather than a fedora.
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