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 That was me (advice from my father). The topic of lowball offers comes up rather frequently, and they clearly upset some people moreso than others. "Block and move on" is an oft-heard phrase, and I think it's good advice if it is bothersome. The BINOBO negotiation process on eBay is lacking quite a bit compared to face to face negotiating, so it's best to just consider what an offer or a counter-offer likely signals and respond accordingly. For instance, in the case of a...
 So you're saying these are not the real McCoy's?
 I could provide a 7 5/8 head on which to rest that Panama, if need be.   Would love to see a full pic of that PRL Linen suit!
French. Not Spanish.Edit: LOL Third man in.BTW Up above @Kazoo said LL/TG, but it is XL/TG.
It's a tricky fixture for Chelsea, no doubt.   Although I certainly rate Courtois highly, I think this shows the prudence of signing a keeper of Begovic's quality as a backup. The price of a good keeper right now seems insanely cheap compared to the other positions on the field. The magic is in convincing someone of that quality to be a backup.   Stones is likely going to cost Chelsea or ManU over £30M, yet Cech and Begovic were both transferred for fees in the...
Too many pies.
I was surprised to end up being the only bidder on that one. I got nervous once or twice and went in and increased my winning bid, just in case. I don't have much call to wear coat and tie, but with the temperate climate here I felt like I needed a linen tie. I think I might be developing a navy polka dot tie thing, as this complements my navy PRL polka dot bow tie nicely. My OneTie™
[[SPOILER]]  Happy to have contributed to the chaos of this morning: 
Nobody has responded but isn't that Fidel in the photo? Maybe those were his batting averages--apparently he wasn't as good at baseball as Kim Jong Il.
@josiahj   Did you ever follow up with 1701 Bespoke? 
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