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 I managed to catch the thread just before midnight EDT, so I am And my kids always ask me, what's the best time to go to the dentist??
Never hats for the big heads. 
Either way, you'll surely look better than our organist:shirt tie suspenders trews no jacket Birkenstocks 
144 is a dozen dozens, or one gross 144 is the only composite square in the Fibonacci sequence 144 is the smallest square such that there exists another square - 441 - with the same set of digits 144 is the smallest abundant Fibonacci number 144 is the largest sum-product integer - the integer that is equal to the sum of its digits times the product of its digits 144 is the smallest square perimeter of a primitive Pythagorean triangle 144 is the smallest number...
 No good beef deserves that fate. Proud to be Vote #100 for Cindergrilla.
I thought Formosa was Noodles' best option because he has generally got the fit dialed in on them. SuSu and others would involve at least one round of trying to get it right.
I was surprised I did not find a single picture or reference to these in the thread. I managed to dig up last and other info from one or two posts on AAAC.
So these just arrived at my office, via EBay. Alden U-Throat Spectators on the Hampton Last made especially for Plain Clothes in Birmingham, Alabama.
Agreed. One could argue that winning the Bundesliga is not that great of an achievement these days, but the CL success should put to rest any notion that Bayern is only successful because they are playing in a weaker league.
My alma mater had similar requirements, one language for Masters, a second language for PhD. What I liked was that the motivation for learning the language was clear: so that you were not locked out of scholarship in your field simply because it wasn't in English. Hence, the language exams were largely translation exercises of pertinent books or journal articles in your field.I must admit that I struggled mightily with my French translation exercise, an excerpt from De...
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