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Man, I have got to catch up on the Noodle's Tie Thread. I'm so far behind he's still fretting about spending his fiancée's ring fund money on ties. Now I see him in the C&J thread with some sweet new kicks, plans for two more pairs and a wife!Congrats, @Rudals, on both!!
Bernie Madoff's DB.   Classic.
 So glad this did not come to pass. Was awakened by the baby at 04:30 this morning. Checked the score, 1-0 to the Blues with 10 minutes remaining. Thanks for the wake up call, dear!!!!!!
 Losing out on Ebay auctions got easier to stomach when I came to terms with this reality. It also changed my bidding strategy and made me really consider the question, "what is my maximum price?" Relevance to the thread: this strategy helped me to win an LS auction! 
 Not sure that most people would agree that the skinny lapels of the Ludlow suit are "timeless." And I say that as the owner of a navy Ludlow suit. I like it, and it fits me well. But I think the skinny lapels will date it soon.
Not fit due to MonkeyArms?
[[SPOILER]] Is Amazon Turk still around? I recall reading a guy's story where he shot a video scanning all of the DVDs on his shelf. Posted an Amazon Turk request to have someone put them all into a spreadsheet. Paid a couple of pennies or so per title and had a catalog of his entire video collection for
 Quick check of this thread suggests that PayPal automatically sends out a 1099 for anyone with in excess of $20K in sales.
No way in Sam Hill that coat ever fit Shawn Kemp.
Is "smells bad" the new go to for buyers looking for a NAD case? It can't be pinned down in pictures, and eBay is not about to send a customer service rep out to smell the goods.
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