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Sorry, I misunderstood since I don't know much about denim—I thought you meant that $80 would be a fairer resale price, not that one could buy it new/elsewhere for $80!
BO at $65, second offer at $75, third and final offer $80.Not seeing the problem here.
Buzz turned up in my RSS feed today.    I Crashed My New Harley the Day I Rolled it Off the Lot   Wonder which of his leathers he was wearing that day.
Quoting myself to conclude the saga: Item relists at auction for $119. No bids.Item relists at auction for $109. Winning bid: $109. Winner: me. So, nearly five months after it was originally listed, I won: PRL Flax Suit Olive Green I guess I could have held out for her to drop to $99, (or $75, like @Fueco suggested), but I'm happy here. And it was free two-day shipping from Florida to California.
 You might have to throw in an RG shirt with the poster.
150 pairs $20 average profit per pair $3000   Not insane.   Just Economics 101.
A bridesmaid once again this week. This time on the Seraphim glasses. :sadpanda: Maybe it's time for me to get on the selling side of things. @Spoopoker what is the address to which we send the goods? PM direct if you'd prefer.
This thread has already lost its Noodles-ness. It'd be a shame for it also to lose its good-naturedness.
 I'm not a native Chicagoan, but I believe the correct past tense is dibsed.
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