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 Send @SpooPoker a PM about any item you see and make him an offer. If it's his item, he'll negotiate directly with you. If it's a consignment item, he'll take your offer to the consignor and act as your liaison.
 Voted. Good luck, Wes. I notice that using the link with "sort=VOTES_DESC" currently brings Cindergrilla up in the #2 position, and changing it to "sort=VOTES_ASC" puts her at 27/28, so I think it's safe to say at this point that Wendy is winning. If the last 50 pages of grill posting is going to have any meaning, folks need to get out and vote!
Outer: 100% CottonLining: 100% Cotton
Odd trousers + shirt and tie w/o jacket is not a look that is SF approved.
This is, I suspect, just the result of eBay's feedback setup. At least on the iPhone app, the feedback is pre-filled with the text from last feedback you submitted.It's pretty easy to miss that it's pre-filled with an inapt comment.
Was it a crunchy, raw, real, unboned, dead pigeon?
Wasn't it a bike thread that caused so much upheaval on the forum a few years' back, culminating in Vox's first exit?
Thanks very much, Ed. That's very helpful.
Ed, is the website the best place to see what you have available or PM?   Just noticing that I don't recognize any of the above from the website. I've become very interested in trying out Panta and the current  sale might be my best chance to pull the trigger.
I would like to be associated with the remarks of the previous poster.
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