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 Literally can not believe this has been ITT six hours without being quoted.
 Put This On. Permanent Style.
What I've learned from the Alden thread in these situations is that the correct answer is both!Seriously, though, I agree that they both can work for you. The first time I chose thick, bold frames was a big step for me--I was terribly conscious of the fact that I was wearing bold frames. It was a look that I ended up really enjoying, and if I hadn't broken them I would still have them in my rotation 20 years after I got them.And that brings me to the point I wanted to...
 Polo by Corneliani can often be had for < $50 on Ebay, in some cases NWT (since you mentioned being creeped out by used pants). The best deals are on those listings that are simply marked as Polo, with no mention of Corneliani or Made in Italy. If you have patience, you can build a fairly decent wool trouser wardrobe paying $30 or less per pair. Unless you are a size 33 or 34 waist, in which case they suck and the fit is horrible and you'll never be satisfied, so don't...
 I bought (and sold) a pair of mismatched monks, one calf, one shell. Didn't read the listing carefully enough when I bought, and made sure that I was [I]very[/I] clear in my listing what they were, so as not to get a return. Didn't wear them much, no more them a couple of times--exactly zero people noticed. I got rid of them more because I didn't have a need for black monks rather than due to the mismatch.
Here is a good place to start.   Lots of info for wedding members and some for guests.
 As a buyer I feel like some sellers are so spooked by eBay siding with buyers that they end up afraid to say anything about an item, and simply say something to the effect of "the pictures serve as the description." The worst one that I saw recently was a description that said "2-3 small holes" in a pair of trousers, and there were two pictures that showed holes. But you couldn't tell if the holes in the two pictures were the same ones from different angles, or if they...
 I LOL'ed which, after the Chelsea-Burnley match, I desperately needed.
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