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Snuff Suede Chukka on Barrie
Have used that line more than once. Currently have one pair at the office, and another pair to be delivered. Am hoping to integrate one or both into the rotation now that we have returned from overseas assignment. The delivery of our household goods seems as good a time as any for a new pair or two to show up.
I don't know much, either, and it's been ten years since I've ridden, but I've been watching that one. It has already survived one full cycle without a single bid, so it can likely be had for close to asking. And I've seen other SAB saddles posted for $2K (though, in fairness, they, too have gone unsold).
Various retailers will occasionally clear out there Filson inventory. For instance, Uncle Otis in Toronto currently has the Tin Cloth Pistol Case at half off ($75 CAD). I, myself, got a Medium Field Bag on a half off sale at Bench & Loom earlier this year.I think general consensus, though, is that BB Corporate sale is best/most consistent opportunity to get Filson on sale, assuming they carry what you need.
New (to me) suede bucks for the end of summer.       Trying to compete with @MrDV by cheating and standing on the lawn at the office. 
In that case, it will probably have to remain a secret!
 As a Chelsea fan I'm sad to see him go. I would have liked to have seen him fight for his place, especially with Drogba there as a mentor. But I'm not unhappy to put an extra £10M on the balance sheet.
Details on the Pucci dress?
 According to Google Translate it says "Only Jesus" Not sure about the lower bit as I can't quite make out all of the letters, but I think it might(?) be the artist's name/signature.
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