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 @SpooPoker, did monsieur have a large head?
 Altered linen will generally show evidence of the alterations, like with cotton.
Anybody holding some BB ESF OCBDs in 16/33? I've got a 15.5/34 that I like but I think I might benefit from a slightly bigger neck and slightly shorter sleeve. HMU
I had a different label situation tonight. I sold an item which I had listed with a flat fee of $6 for shipping. I intended to select a legal flat rate USPS Priority envelope as my shipping option of choice, but on my phone it had pre-selected a standard-sized package being sent Priority. It would *not* let me select any other alternative. I had to go to my computer in order to change my shipping choice and print my label. I don't remember choosing the standard (I.e.,...
I got a British tan khaki pair from Ed last fall and they are my favorite pants. Saving my money for another pair.
Front/back balance looks off.   Back appears to be about 1" shorter than the front, which further accentuates the too short aspect of the coat.
 When selling shirts for $500 USD and up, that seems to be a smart business decision. And no, that's not meant as a criticism on the price of the shirts. It just seems to make good business sense to know your customers and cater to them and their needs.
I often see it referred to as "Ralph Lauren Collection" or simply RLPL. It's the Purple Label for the women's side. I often see Made in USA on these, so perhaps the line is a little bit older, as (I think) @Mannix suggested.
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