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 I'm not a native Chicagoan, but I believe the correct past tense is dibsed.
 This is what I would do, regardless of whether or not I thought the neighbor might do the same for me. Golden Rule: Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.
@kbadgley84  called it already, but just to add some further info, I believe that women's would be same purple label but block letters "Ralph Lauren" rather than script. 
 Hmmm. Yeah, there isn't any world where a 5% discount is a lowball offer.  
 Given how upset some sellers seem to get with "lowball" offers, perhaps the seller blocked you because s/he was offended by your first offer. Would seem absolutely silly to me, but when I saw the screenshot you posted it seemed like it was indicating that you'd been blocked from bidding on the item, where you hadn't been previously.
What is the name for that knot? It is the one I first learned 30+ years ago and always thought it was a FIH, then watched a different video of the FIH and realized I was "doing it wrong."   The problem I always seemed to have with the knot Mark Cho demonstrates is that the knot always seemed to come out a little slanted.
StyFo, in general, seems to have had its knickers in a twist for the past several days.
Thumbed for brevity.
Would stripes be in good taste at a funeral?   Beautiful fit, BTW, @Cleav
 Because nobody really wants a navy blue, striped tie, right? Not versatile like a light grey and black(?) striped one.
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