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From Monday. King LWB.
Spoo, do you know the maker on that RL Signature jacket listed first? Too big for me, but I just picked up something similar with same label. Made in USA, but I only found questions in the labels thread, no answer.
Figured I'd come back here and eat some crow. My only defense for not being able to describe how shite Chelsea were is that the game was not on anywhere.But how much did I really need to see?!?!? Up 2-0 and then let a League One side ship four past us?!?Humiliating doesn't begin to describe it.
Spoo went thrifting with this guy today:
That ManU draw, though.
At present my two best fitting pairs are 9E 975s and 9.5D J. Crew PCT.I have a 9E LHS (Van last), which fits my left (larger) foot quite well, but there is definite heel slip in my right foot, which is about 0.5 size smaller.I tried a 9D suede Barrie Chukka from J. Crew but had to send them back because they were too tight at the left small toe.
 OK, that was what I thought. I have messaged the seller. Understood, and this makes sense to me. He has agreed to PayPal (at least initially), but based on @futuremyth 's note above, I'll understand if he insists on cash and I will just have my proxy handle that part of the transaction. I just know I'm asking her a favor, and I want it to be as easy on her as possible. Thanks for the helpful replies, gents!
 Indeed, it was tough to see that building demolished. Was rather like a final nail in the coffin of the city.   In any case, great fit, @eazye ! Fighting back at the cold weather in style.
  Wow. That Hudson's store in downtown Detroit closed something like 30+ years ago. I have fond memories of going to visit an awesome Lego exhibit there in the very early 80s. It was the last department store in the city of Detroit. The building was demolished about 15 years ago.
I won an Ebay auction for a large item, and the seller offered local pickup, which I am arranging.   I'd like to pay him via PayPal, so that my proxy who is doing the pickup does not have to deal at all with the money exchange.   If I go through the Ebay checkout process, it wants me to pay the substantial shipping charge.   Does the seller have to update the listing to remove the shipping charge, or send me an invoice directly without the shipping charge? Or is...
New Posts  All Forums: