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Haha. I read it that way first, too."...Hello Kitty Bag,Little Spoo"I particularly like that she knows her BBCode shortcuts. No wasting time with the GUI.
 Perhaps it was an autocorrect error and they meant to say shoes?  Formosa's look great. Agree with your comments, a little nip at the waist of the POW would give it the last bit of shape to make it really stand out. Can't tell with the birdseye if it's just your stance that's different from the POW, but the break seems a little more pronounced on those trousers than on the POW.
 @bpk1: How small is too small on those RRL selvedge??  Love the juxtaposition of the Canadian flag hanging over his head.
@lasbar, I think Ivanovic is 30. There was recent discussion about whether Chelsea would violate their policy of only offering one-year contracts for players over 30 years old and offer him a longer term deal before the end of his current contract.   @romafan I get the Chelsea hate, but not sure when up against PSG the "rent boyz" slur has much credence.   As disappointed as I am, Chelsea deserved the result they got. Against 10-men--any ten men, frankly--a side that...
 Why does the "lowball" irk people so much? My father (teacher's union negotiator for 20+ years) told all of us kids that if you weren't embarrassed by your first offer, you were starting too high (or too low if you were the seller). I can see being irked if he made the original $87 offer (which is a little bit less than 50% of your original asking price, right?) and then never budged from there. But he's moved up 40% over his original offer, so he is negotiating. 
Buyers are limited to three offers.
Noodles might turn that around and say that when he's in good shape, he'll wear the good stuff more often!
 Timeline on the Kelty website says they moved production from Glendale to Sun Valley in 1968, so one would imagine that's a pre-1968 pack. Info in this recent Ebay listing suggests it's 1963 or earlier. And that one fetched $150 via BIN. Seems worth the pickup. EDIT: The last post in this forum thread has a price list from that period, including all of the sizing info for the packs, so with a couple of measurements you should be able to figure out the size and model.
I've mostly done 10-day auctions and I don't have a store. It's always been an additional paid option, though ($0.25 or $.40, I think).
 Literally can not believe this has been ITT six hours without being quoted.
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