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@henree I don't think they're the ones you mentioned a, but I do like those as well.
I always loved G-Star jeans, but I saw these boots on Idris Elba in the March issue of GQ UK. Does anyone know where to buy them and what the name of them are? I couldn't find any boots on the website. Here is the pic of him wearing them....
Japan Blue and Motomoro? I never heard of them. Just checked them out. Real nice, and there's a Needsupply store a hour away from me. Thanks for the tip. You guys stay dropping some good info. How do you feel about AG jeans?
I saw these straight-legged jeans by AG in Nordstroms for $180. How do you guys feel about that company?
  This thread was good. It's like it's difficult to find authentic stuff on ebay.
Nice suit.Just curious, you mentioned that you used to buy fabric. What places do you recommend to buy fabric at?
Whipcord is another alternative.
It's a fabric that's perfect for the spring/summer.  Here's wikipedia's definition:   The fabric whipcord is a strong worsted or cotton fabric made of hard-twisted yarns with a diagonal cord or rib. The weave used for whipcord is a steep-angled twill, essentially the same weave as a cavalry twill or a steep gabardine. However, the ribs of whipcord are usually more pronounced than in either of those fabrics, and the weft (filling) may be visible between the ribs on the...
That explains it. I was looking on the site for whipcord suit. Didn't know they called it Cordlane. Thanks for the tip.   Should I check the US site or the UK site for it?
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