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  More vintage: Trousers, tie and gown are from the 40´s. Even the cigar is almost vintage - from the 80´s. It was soo dry. I put the cigars in a box together with a wet cloth a few days, and then it was fit again.
Twistoffat, you may be right historicly, but if you make emperic studies and walk with the stick like a real gentleman you´ll find that the "swing" is better if you hold the handle the "wrong" way. Try to walk with an umbrella. It works even better.  
How to walk with a stick:   Most people will turn the handle this way. It is wrong.   This is the right position   It will give your stick a better swing and balance   Thanks for your attention
  More vintage: A suit from the 50´s in a fabric from Marzotto, Pisa. A hat from Battersby, London. Cordovan shoes from Allen Edmonds. An old Stenström shirt. A Trevira tie + a Ford Edsel 1958. The biggest flop i car history.
      More 2nd hand: Bogner jacket, Stenström shirt, Old bow tie, Crocket & Jones boots and a hat from Habig (Wien). New trousers from Rose & Born. Belt is recyckled fire hose.
  The Panama hat is the only item that is new in this outfit
    Guess what is new
  Eclectic mix of new and old. English military hospital jacket from 1941, Italian straw boater hat "Mondial" from 1940-50´s. Belt from recycled fire hose. Swedish Oscar-shirt, italian silk tie "Lario" and Crocket & Jones shoes - all are second hand. New Brooksfield trousers. Certina watch from the 70´s. French wine from Alsace 2011.
    Mostly 2nd hand today:   Bogner jacket Brooksfield trousers Carmina shoes Stetson false Panama hat (Viscose) Oscar of Sweden shirt Trevira tie Certina watch Belt made of a recykled fire-hose
Not vintage, mostly 2nd hand this time: Jacket - Ermenegildo Zegna (250 SEK) Linen trousers - Ralph Lauren Polo Äkta Panama hat Eton shirt Anonymous waist coat and bow tie Cheap suede shoes  
New Posts  All Forums: