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Todays yellow silk boutonniere goes with a blue tweed. Everything second hand of course.
Thank you - a boutonniere
Thanks. But the important for me is not if it is real or not. A good silk boutonniers fools almost everyone. Of course I pick a real fower in summer when they are available.
Hi guys. Am I the only one wearing a boutonnier? Why? All members in SF have elegance and style so what can enhance your style more than a flower in the button hole? (This one is from The Gentlemans Gazette / Fort Belvedere, and I have others from A suitable wardrobe)
Yes, but when it fits it looks awsome. Good luck!
I have the same problem with my DB waist coats. They "open up too much" (1st pic). I have asked my tailor to fix it but even after several changes it not fits perfect. What shall I do? I have to change body.
Today I celebrate my wifes birthday with a pink carnation. Please join me and do the same. The DB suit is vintage from the 40´s and the tie is from my grandfather who died in 1952.
A more discrete boutonnier today, with a grey 3-p suit and tie from the 1950´s. And yes I know, the waist coat is too short.
Who said something about my new boutonniers?
Today I am wearing a boutonnier to my blue suit from 1953.
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