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Sorry guys, not a silk boutonnier today either. But a crochet boutonniers in cotton to my tweed suit from 1953
Excuse me guys. No silk boutonnier today, but a home woven tie and an old handkerchief. The jacket I bought second hand only because of the nice color.
1 of March and spring is here. But vintage season is all around the year. I celebrate the spring with a silk boutonnier.
I wear silk boutonniers every day. Today with a DB from the 40´s and an old handkerchief. The bow tie, socks and shoes ar new, I´m sorry to admit.
A silk boutonniere every day to my vintage outfits. (I buy them from The Gentleman´s Gazette and A Suitable Wardrobe)
My new passion: Silk boutonniers. To a vintage outfit from the 40´s
You can´t imagine how much you can find for no Money at all at drift stores. The only thing it cost is time.
A tie from the 60´s and an old Daniel Hechter Harris Tweed jacket. But the pocket square is brand new. A serious deviation from my vintage policy.
Before I became an old vintage man I used to wear black or white shirts without a traditional collar. In the neck I had a silver button, one with a small diamond from my wifes earclip and one with black enamel. Today I tried them on for the first time since october 2010. The shirts was much too big, so I have to order smaller shirts to use these buttons again.
An vintage surveyor coat from the 50´s plus plus fours from 1953
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