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How are the fits/ drape for slimmer guys used to wearing slim fit? Which ones of the SPECIAL sales would be suitable? 
Which are the definitive threads guides to Unlined Skeleton Half Lined Suit Jackets - Especially for Summer Linen Suits?    I read a whole bunch a while back and there was a Wiki/ Guide showing inner construction of such a suit.    Which are the threads I can show people / tailors / friends and myself.. to understand that show exactly how these are constructed?    Please link me to them. Thanks.    X
Any 4th July sales for Allen Edmonds - deals not worth losing? 
 Nice list. Any of them on sale now for 4th of July? 
Is there any way to find place or sales for Serengetti or Maui Jim? 
Any July 4 sales on Mid/Dark/ Charcoal Gray Suits? Something thats not too warm? 
That's a strange reason to buy a Coat. Is that all it works for? I'd like to buy it 3/4 or full as a Go To Coat in colder weather whether I am in formal / business attire or Casuals.  Is the Fabric/ Lining/ Construction not upto par just as the JAB Suits? 
I don't know if Polaroid are photochromatic. They aren't as far as I'm aware of. So can you please suggest a brand/ model that are photochromatic / photochromic. 
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