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Request:  Affordable and value for money - Photo Chromic + Polarized ones? I saw Serengeti - Nice a but high $$ Something for lesser but good quality/ value. ???
Which is that thread? 
With your experience with Finmeresco, what kind of price range is it typically? esp as compared to Fresco? [[SPOILER]]JB - Thanks for the link - Same problem - Cant see many basic colors/ solids. Too many patterns and bright colorfuls.How/ where can we can we see the basic shades and get an idea of prices? 
[[SPOILER]] Haha! Mentos turns a solid suit to a chalk stripe suit.. ha ha! magic :)  [[SPOILER]]
My apologies I got caught up in stuff. The last RTW suit I got in Oct/ Nov '13 that fits decently was - Marks & Spencer "Savile Row Inspired Pure Wool 2 Button Jacket" I think its a 38R or 40R. Do make some fit/ Cut Suggestions from your catalog if possible :)  
 Just through the Web Browser {Which browsers.. Safari, Chrome.. ??} on the Phone? There's no app or one planned right? 
Sorry to trouble you, can you share a diagram/ picture or something? I cant visualize the size/ direction/ location & access .. something I can take to my tailor with confident directions - He's given me some breast pockets, but this is news to me. If its clear enough he will add it. 
The shoulder of the coat or my physical structure is off? Maybe I was stiff & tired so not standing correctly. 
 Did no one on SF save a copy of that picture? 
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