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http://www.superdenim.com/paraboot-denim.asp For all paraboot enthusiasts in the states or those who are thinking of purchasing anything from paraboot. Super denim in UK is having a massive discounted sale on all paraboot footwear. I ordered my first pair of 'avignons' from them and received them in 3 days. I'm located in jersey city. Total amount including express shipping via FedEx? $347 bucks. *and they take returns too. This was too good of a deal to pass up. I almost...
I think the laces go well with the shoes.  What don't you like?  Lack of contrast?  Maybe some white, red, or brown leather laces from Sperry would spice them up. 
Newest Acquisition...  Alden Cordovan Chukka #8, I literally wore them home today from Moulded Shoe NYC and I'm loving them...  Admin, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong forum so please feel free to repost in the correct forum.    
PM sent please check your inbox.
I'm Mike.  I ride a triumph speed triple 955i.  I collect LEICA M film cameras on and off.  Analog Photography is my other obsession besides men's fashion and style.  My taste is too expensive for my budget, My current watch is an OMEGA SPEEDMASTER PRO.  I'm on my 2nd pair of Cordovan shoes by ALDEN and I own a pair of Mark Mcnairy country brogues.  A Panerai Luminor with sandwhich dial is HIIIIIIGH on my wishlist and I'm a Registered Psychiatric Nurse in Manhattan.  
World Trade Center, NYC Leica M7, MS Optical Super Triplet Perar 35mm 1st Version (via japanexposures.com) Tri-X, D76 1:1, Scan from print.     Walking home, night. Erie St. Downtown Jersey City Lomo LC-A, Tri-X, D76 1:1 Scan from print. Screen Shot "THE BIRDS" Screen Shot of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" Minolta TC-1, Tri-X, Papitol (via...
*PRICE DROP AGAIN* from $685 to $625 shipped!  US only. Was asking $685 from $750 but need to sell ASAP. Will take reasonable offers <$625 for local buyers (meetup only).  1st time poster, long time lurker.  As new ALDEN CAP TOE CORDOVAN #8 BOOT in MODIFIED LAST. Sz 8.5 EEE.  Purchased recently from Moulded Shoe in NYC for over $800 Worn once outside to and from train station to work.  I work in NYC so boots have probably seen no more than 3 city blocks.  Creasing is...
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