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Not sure I fully understand your question, but from the context I think you mean something along the lines of. You want to keep the original hem as in, you are going to ask whoever is doing the hemming for you, to save the original hem and then stitch it back on after the length has been shortened. If that is the case, I would not recommend this. You will just have problems later down the line. Hemming them will not affect the taper of the jeans, unless you are short like...
yeah and then we can all lift and get huge brah... no but seriously I don't understand why you would not want GTB stripes they is deh beez kneez
It's not the 701, like Argentino said it is the BOM002, skinny straight. Not the Tight straight or modle 701. Uses the same 15.7oz vintage label denim. So I am most likely getting a pair of the Grand Indigos, handled a pair of the 702s in person too which made the decision that much harder  :C    Will most likely get both....eventually, since my JBs have been getting trashed these last 4 months.
JB0101 In direct sunlight yesterday and today on my walk to class   and a fit pic x post SuFu  
Caltex is well endowed.
If the tailor isn't willing to do the job you requested for... take it else where. Like I know for a fact Steven over at Ralicar would do the job to spec and preserve the chain stitch as well.
Just sell them man, sounds to me you just don't dig the whole momo aesthetic. 
Been trying to find a size chart for the NF women's skinnys 
Fuck just when I have my heart set on 003s these get restocked... 
Just a heads up If anyone is looking for a pair of NfxOni Colabs in a size 28. CS to a 30.1 PM me. Worn once, tagged and unsoaked 
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