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My JB101s at 6 really difficult to capture true color, these are a tad more contrasty IRL. They wear really slow compared to my Flat Heads and my Sams but I dig it. Waiting for a size 28 grand indigo to show up on Jay's sight.
It was a rhetorical question, one can easily see that from the context. No need to explain why you find your unrelated pair of jawnz to be so much fun. Further more, and I will leave it at this, I'm going to call bullshit on your later explanation. You said originally, "Hate Hikers...and someone explain to me the appeal in a pair of Long wings?", your rhetoric suggests a condescending tone. So stahp.   Anyone with fucking eyes can see that Arg's Long wings are sexy as...
The appeal is that they are nice as fuck. Tell me what the appeal of your frank 2's are again? Different strokes man stop getting all alpha and shit 
wow dude seriously read the bloody thread! This is not the APC/NF thread!
These days I have embraced the none/slight taper cuts. A slight tapper is fine, but I find the huge, agressive taper roommy + thigh combo looks kinda odd. I've gained some mass over these last few months, so I hardly wear my Oni WGs, still dig my 101s, but been favoring my z3005 (these could use a .8 taper from knee down since I have baby feet) and my s5000vx this winter. As soon as I have some expendable income again, I plan on grabbing some grand indigos from Jay....
^ fuck I was just going to sarcastically write. "his dick must be huge! Like mammoth sized penis."   edit: Like Caltex sized...  no homo
Guys be easy now. This guy probably knows a great deal about "the most perfect jeans", sweet fadez and the like, just a wealth of knowledge. Additionally, I am apparently a homosexual. I am relieved of this however, since I was unaware of this salient fact myself. "Forum life bros"
When did this become the APC/ NF thread? No but seriously these jeans you so desperately need are a Blue Owl and momo collabo. And so are exclusive to Blue Owl workshop.
I have three of the NF circular knit shirts. The body fits me perfectly, but the chest is a little tight ow that I've gained some upper body mass. Sized up from an XS to a small so I dont look ridiculous. They shrink a good bit in the wash too. Have an Indigo, white and a black. Plan on getting another indigo in a size up and pass the XS down to my girlfriend. Also unlike most other loop wheeled T's these are pretty long which is awesome if you are average to tall, but...
Caltex... don't be that guy man. 
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