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Fucking lost it!
I am just going to assume everyone that has asked a sizing question does not own a tape measurer, or a piece of string. Like WTF guys, you have really awesome dudes like El and Cal that keep helping you out, you have the BOW measurements, Jay thats on here quite a bit and you have the interwebs. Come one just Stahp
I don't understand what people mean by "too early" when it come sto washing. I mean they are jeans... shit gets dirty wash them or don't. Like Caltex's mastodon penis when it drags across his Persian tasseled rugs and egyptian cotton sheets... Amiright?!
No that is a type 3 in that link, i.e trucker styled slimmer fit than a traditional type 2 
Love my JBs they are as tough as anything other pair in my closet, denim starts out smooth then later gains tons of character as it wears in :D
They are Saf. so hem them raw or not I haven't really found it to be much of an issue, but then again I am on the short side and my jeans usually run a tad long after hemming. If you don't mind a clean break then go ahead and hem your jeans true or leave a little room for shrink, otherwise if you're a stack fetishist just stretch the inseam back out when still damp. This is not rocket science guys come on they're just jawnz
^same here I will be getting mine real soon 
This saturday I will become one of you, will be hanging up my JB101s once my grand indigos come in :D. Crotch pictures pending...
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