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mandatory crotch shot at 8.5 months 2 washes     still intact 
Or if you're not built with beautiful birthing thighs and hips 
^ I worked a sheet rock gig for a whole summer in my elephant 2s so I don't see the problem 
The short rise is what's giving me problems right now.
Have a pair of unworn FH Z3005. It is  a classic straight leg fit clearly visible by the measurements. I was hoping to wear these in, but never got enough time and I already have a classic straight leg in my closet. At any rate I am asking $165 shipped, but I am open to reasonable offers and trades. Looking for a Sam 710 cut, FH3009, FC1109XX, Momo ER007 , a 0701, WH660 or similar.   Measurements are as follows: in inches(Measured flat using Blue Owl/ BIG...
"Best fit for me." Shouldn't that be a question you should be answering since you know, you're the only one that has any idea of what fit you are going for?  Compare the size charts. Just come on I know everyone needs help and that's fine, but this question or some variant of it gets asked on every page of this thread. Where the f*** are all the Oni and big slub pictures at?
My experience with JB denim is that they are not woven as tight as Momo, so you will get a bit of stretch at areas of stress like all other denim.
What year? The 501 varies entirely in details denim and cut dependent on when it was made etc. Samurai has models that are repros (to some extent) of said Levis, that is to say they replicate the details and silhouette according to the brand's philosophy. Sams are numbered differently also so if I were you I would visit b_f's fit guid and the Samurai thread over at Sufu.   Cheers
have some recent pictures of my JB101 up on Sufu didn't want to cross post
^ Disregard females acquire denim.
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