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^ stop working out? That's awful advice. The eating part is also up for debate, just don't eat shit and don't sit on your ass when you do. Ok moving on sorry guys
After about a month of consistent leg training I've gone from 20.5 inch thighs to 22.6 inch thighs.
Honestly I would not expect much growth within a matter of a week with a regiment like that. Yes you quads and hams will swell from the tearing and what not buy unless you have a pretty dedicated and consistent leg program I wouldn't really worry about it. Most of the time guys go into a leg routine with the assumption that their legs are going to get massive with a lack luster set up. I know this isn't a lifestyle or fitness thread so ill leave it at this. Train your legs...
Will what are the measurements on your PBJ vs. your Momos?
do they even?
The biggest difference is the weight lik Willrh1 mentioned, what you have to ask yourself is why you don't wear your deep indigos as much? If it is the fit then maybe size up or down depending on what you are looking for in these. Also keep in mind Elephant 3 will be coming out soon. In terms of contrast Deep indigos have that potential as do Ele 2s it all depends on how hard you wear them and your various "rituals" concerning washing etc.
Have a size Small Buzz Rickson Sweatshirt for sale. Has been worn about a month and has had two hand washes. Asking $110 shipped or best offer. Color heather grey size 36-38 tag Measurements and Photos Pit to pit: 20.75 Length: 24.5 Shoulder: Raglan 18.5 sleeve: 24.6
anyone size incorrectly and willing to trade a size 28 Oni for either a 29 or 30? I have a 28 that fits me ok but would like a little more room in the top block since my legs have gotten bigger, willing to throw some cash too. They are hemmed to a 30 (pre soak) so probably only for shorter skinny guys. Was thinking of giving them to my girl since she likes the anti fit. gave her my old unbranded skinnys and they fit her really well.     On a different note just...
depends on fabric breh
Polycore thread will always fair better than anything 100% cotton. Usually can get them in the same gauge too. Not sure about momo pink though
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