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Self Edge has a Union Special which is worth bragging about and will give your hem that rope effect once it fades, that is not to say other machines wont but they will most likely not be as sexy as the US.   
Go with the 33 and wear a belt you will be a lot happier in the end. From my experience they will stretch, but not much, slowly and over time. Post fit pics
Kiya when will you guys be getting a restock on the, IH 666-XHS 25oz?           Was wondering if this was a limited thing with IH or if you guys will be carrying them again some time this year? Is the black dyed version also going to be available? looked at your guys stock on line and its said you were out of every size except a 38.    Cheers and thanks in advance.
e2s, will stretch at least 1 size at least mine have after 2 weeks of wear.
I am probably not as skinny but I do wish the skinny guy had more of a taper, they feel more like fitted straights on my with a tighter seat. I sized down with mine and now that they have stretched feel like they are a bit too big, I hate wearing belts so I might have to do that with these two sets of NF my UBs havent stretched as much or maybe the serious size shrinkage I put them through has made it seem that way.   
yeah I feel it's a tad on the short side, might take them back but not sure what they can do if anything... any thoughts or experience with this?
A question gentlemen, about shirt length once again. I just recently had two shorts tailored, but am not sure if the sleeves were left too short. I am a short guy to begin with so having sleeves that are much too long is the norm for me. When my arms are down to my side or I'm drinking tea it isn't too noticeable, yet when I lift my hands past my chest the sleeves run up my arm. Is this the norm with altered/tailored shirts? If not can it be remedied in any way? Thanks...
Wore mine less then a week and they are fine, I say and I don't mean this in a derogatory way, just suck it up and wear them. It helps if your active in them, like I said I have less then a week in mind and I can't take them off. Best of luck   Would love to see some faded elephant 2's links, photos etc.    
they are closer to a 36 maybe even a 35.5 I usually wear a 29.5 inseam or a 30 and had to take roughly 5inches of the bottom these run kinda like the N&f models. I say stick to that sizing SG= Skinny Straight, WG=Straight Taper, SG= Straight leg  hope this helps.  
go with the 28 they are a tap slimmer than the NS and the taper at the leg is more like a straight leg, which I think is what your looking for.    
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