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open to offers by chance?  
why not email the prospective seller? This thread has become littered with the same question, not to sound like a dick but there is a very good chance whoever you plan on buying them from can either measure them for you or have readily available specs. That being said best of luck to you on finding that perfect pair.
I would be interested what fabric?
  Oh yes.... please say yes  
You kind of already named them, I would suggest returning them and getting a larger size. If that is not an option try soaking them then while they are still wet stuff them and wear the in, in other word do what you would normally do to promote stretching in that given area. Or you could always just wear them till the stretch from what I have experience denim will stretch as much as it needs too, so you can just wear them in till they are perfect.   My two cents anyways...
That fit!   
I have only been wearing my Elephant 2 for about 2 months and they have stretched considerably and are supper comfortable more so than any other pair I have. But then again I ride my bike in them every day, walk my dog and wear them out on the weekends. 
Cool thing about this is that you can get these tapered a bit at a tailor or by a friend. You wouldn't have to cut too much fabric either considering the WG are tapered to begin with. I say pinch an pin the legs where you want the taper then walk a bit in it to see if it'c comfortable adjust accordingly then take them in.   Good luck I did this with my last pair of Skinny straight UB jeans, despite being a skinny jean the tapper on them was more straight slim, which was...
Anyone else find the selvege coin pocket detail a bit much.....   kinda wish they were cleaner looking, but it's not too bad since it is usually covered.    Tempted to try and remove the one on my JHs  
^ yeah where are you based out of?
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